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Help me get read receipts to go to Deleted Items in Outlook 2007. Read receipts received internally get trashed automatically but external ones do not.

Non-negotiable work requirements: use Outlook 2007 and always request read receipts. The read receipts I receive from those within my organization are automatically sent to Deleted Items. I believe this is because I have selected, "After processing, move receipts to Deleted Items" in Options->E-mail Options->Tracking Options. But when I get read receipts from the outside, they go to my inbox and I must manually delete them.

Must I set up a filter to deal with this? Or is there something I don't understand about Tracking Options?
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Why don't you just turn off read receipts?
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Response by poster: Reminds me of an old joke. Unfortunately, work won't let me turn them off.
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Could you create a folder in your inbox for "Read receipts," then create a rule telling Outlook to send all read receipts to that folder? Then at the end of the week, delete the contents of the folder. I get several annoying returned things similar to read receipts and I just send 'em to a folder in my inbox so as not to clutter THE inbox.

Here's more info on managing your mail from MS on Outlook 2007
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Response by poster: That would be ideal, but I don't know how to create such a rule that wouldn't zap every email with "read" in the subject line. There are probably only a few of those that are not read receipts, but just one is enough to make it unworkable.
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This forum post says:
"Don't use a rule - Outlook will not process the receipts if the rule moves them before it has a chance to update tracking.

Set it in Tools, Options, Email options, Tracking... after processing, move to...."
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I would create a rule that looks at the message header, looks for the specific content type for the read receipt, and moves it to the trash.

Wikipedia suggests that "X-Confirm-Reading-To:"; "Disposition-Notification-To:"; or "Return-Receipt-To:" are the headers to look for, however to confirm what the actual header is for the types of read receipt that you receive, you must examine the message headers and find the specific field. To do this, open one of the offending read receipts and view the email message headers.

Once you know the content of the message header that you would like to filter, you can set up a rule. Here, you want to filter on specific words in the message header. The example on that page uses an email address; however in your case you would enter the special field you identified by viewing the message headers.
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Response by poster: "after processing, move to" doesn't work for read receipts from outside my organization.

I tried making a rule, but Outlook doesn't seem to recognize read receipts as having any headers at all.
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