tip the driver?
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I'm in a car service on the way to the airport right now. I just realized I only have a twenty. The car service is paid for by an outside company. How do I tip the driver and do I even need to, or is that usually covered by the paying company?
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"I'd love to give you a tip, but all I have is a twenty. Could I just get [amount of change you want] back?"
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Tip to be on the safe side. What's the harm? The worst that'll happen is he'll get double tipped. If you don't, then it's possible that he'll be out some cash. And he should have change for a 20.
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You can hand him the 20 and say, "Give me $X back."
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Give him the entire $20. You'll feel good, he'll feel good, and now you won't have money to buy McDonald's Combo #10 or similar airport food. Net result = better mental and physical health!
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Tips are usually covered by the paying company - at least, this was my experience with NYC services paid by the company I worked for. I'm a tipper - it's hard to avoid the impulse.
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I've been the person managing the company car service account before (in New York, don't know where this is or if it matters).

When I have done this, there has been a gratuity service charge paid for by the company. You don't have to tip.

I mean, if you have a couple or five bucks and you want to tip, it's fine. But if you're not the one paying for the car service, don't worry about tipping.
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When you book the car service tip is added automatically. You don't need to tip the driver directly.
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