Ox Tail Recipe
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Anyone have a good recipe for ox tail?

I had a amazingly good dinner a year ago of ox tail in a red sauce, in a restaurant at the Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder, Scotland. The sauce was fantastic and the meat was falling off the bone. Does anyone have a recepie for ox tail that they would recommend? I'd love to be able to have this meal again.

Also, anyone know a great place in the Boston area where I could get ox tail?
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Buying oxtail... Haymarket's meat shop (pilgrim) often has it. Savenor's will definitely have it, at a higher price and more convenient hours. I think that's 100 Cambridge Street, Boston. Recently, the Harvest Co-op on Mass Ave had it the last time I went - their meat selection has been getting pretty good.

If you liked that oxtail you have to try the oxtail meat and oxtail soup at Iruña in Harvard Square...
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One word - PRIONS

Otherwise, the best way to enjoy oxtail, IMHO, is in a soup.
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You can buy it at almost any supermarket. I saw it at Market Basket in Somerville the other day for a couple bucks a pound. Whole Foods will charge significantly more.

If you are asking about an oxtail dish, I'd recommend a Sichuan restaurant for a change of oxtail pace. You can get some great stuff involving oxtail, hot oil, and sometimes rabbit or tripe (often cold).

also, luriete- please post the recipe here
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Best answer: An article in The Observer about the return of ox tail.

My favourite ox tail recipe: Nigel Slater's 'dark, sticky meat for a winter's night'.
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Yes, luriete, we all want the recipe! Or is it a family secret?
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hoh... oxtail. I make it randomly every time, based on your typical ragout or goulash.

super88 (comm ave in ~a-b, also now in chinatown) is quite likely to have it.

luriete -- would it happen to be based on the standard-ish kimchi soup base? 'cos putting those two together does sound damned tastey.
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I've got to agree with caddis about the prions, sorry. Not being a party pooper but vCJD would be a sucky way to go.
(under highest risk category)
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Best answer: In the Philippines, we have a staple oxtail w/ peanut sauce stew called Kare Kare. The Pinoy Cook recipe calls for some relatively uncommon ingredients, like heart of banana and rice flour. The former is, imho, optional but you should be able to pick up either of them at the 88 if you go there for your ox-tail, and if you can't get rice flour, you can substitute a similar amount of dry rice ground up in a spice grinder.
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Best answer: Oxtail ravioli. Big ravioli, six or more inches across, filled with braised oxtail meat, caramelized onion and herbage, served in the oxtail broth with an herb gremolata. Saw the recipe in Australian Gourmet Traveller magazine, and it can be found here.

I've made it a couple of times, and it's the shiznit.
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Best answer: my mom makes an awesome soup. shiitake mushrooms, chunks of daikon, tons of green onion, cilantro, and ginger. the more ginger the better, both whole chunks of root to boil to flavor the soup and shaved bits at the end for extra kick. green onion and cilantro not boiled in the soup but thrown in at the end to retain a bit of crunch. had a similar version from a restaurant with a few peppercorns that went well too.
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My wife and mother-in-law make a Persian stew called Ab Gusht with ox tail (from what I gather it is typically made with mutton, but they're weird). Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time finding a recipe in English that uses ox tail for it...
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what are PRIONS and if they are so scary why are the latinos etc that eat this stuff by the gross in my neighborhood not dropping dead left and right?
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You'll notice on rolypolyman's link that "beef products from grass-fed and organic cattle. (These cattle should not have been exposed to any animal products in their feed.)" are in the little to no risk. So just buy organic and you should be fine. It's more expensive, but it's also more delicious.

I'm really excited about all the soups on this thread, as well as the ravioli. YUM.
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