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Please help me name a new website for discussing business ideas.

The initial format will be a blog where I (and eventually others) write up each idea in the form of a 500-1000 word post that describes where it came from, what it would require, and potential risks and problems with it -- and then encourage commenters to discuss and critique it.

The ideas can be for anything from a non-profit to a tech startup to a new type of restaurant. The site itself will be totally non-commercial, free, no login wall, not in any way an "incubator" or "founder dating" or any part of the "startup ecosystem." That's the kind of hype I'm trying to avoid, so I don't want a name that invokes it. Just a place for people who like discussing business ideas, whether anything comes out of them or not.

My best idea so far for a name is "A Dime a Dozen," as in the aphorism "Good ideas are a dime a dozen, it's execution that counts." But that's obviously a winking reference, as the whole premise of this site is that good ideas aren't all that common. Does it sound overly clever or cute?

Can anyone suggest a better name? I want something that's not too cutesy but not too generic either. Does the word "startup" have too tech-specific a connotation these days? Is "entrepreneur" too long to be part of a name? What are some other keywords to think about?
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I quite like a dime a dozen actually. You're right that startup is a bit tech sounding.

But is it not compromising people's patenting chances if they're discussing a business idea on a public forum?
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Horseshoes and hand grenades (as in, "close only counts in...")
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But is it not compromising people's patenting chances if they're discussing a business idea on a public forum?

Business ideas are not generally patentable. Business methods may be.

In any event most entrepreneurs will agree that execution on an idea is more important than the idea itself. Ideas are a dime a dozen; those who can execute on them generate significant returns on investment.
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I'm assuming this is a blog name and and we're not worrying about a domain name.

How's about "Let's Do Business"?
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Venture 500
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The Crucial Bull
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My mind may still be stuck in the late 90's, but I've always approached this by first scouring available domains and going from there., hsahg/ (jquinby's idea),, and are available. (for now...*shakes fist at domain squatters*) Although, braincradle might invoke that "incubator" association you're looking to avoid. If you're not worried about hosting and domain names however this is a lot easier!

One suggestion I'd like to add:
"The drawing board"
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Will It Make Money
But Will It Execute
Just Another Business Idea
Yet Another Business Idea
A Business Idea
Business Idea Blog
Critique It
Business Idea Critique
Idea Critique
Hack a Business Idea
Business Idea Hack
What's the Weakness?
Can It Commercialize
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Uncommonly Good
Whittle (as in, whittling down to the fundamentals of a good idea)
Concept Cradle
Wattage (I'm imagining a logo or other visual component featuring the common trope of a light bulb over someone's head)
Idea Forum
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Another day, another dollar, Donnigan.
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Ground Floor
Brass Tacks
Running/Flying Start
The Right Foot
With a Bang
Level Up
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Big Brains (catchphrase: Big Ideas & Many Brains)
A Legion of Notions
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Duh A League of Notions!
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In Your Business
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