Where can I buy the tracks from Stephen Fry's Voco alarm clock?
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Where can I buy the mp3s from Stephen Fry's wonderful Voco alarm clock? There are about a dozen hosted here, but back in 2010, Apartment Therapy claimed Voco sold a collection of 70 downloadable ones for $14.95. The Voco site isn't up any more, anyone have an idea where to buy a them?
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I don't believe they are legitimately for sale anymore. I was briefly involved with Simon Carr (who came up with the Voco clock as an experiment for a column he did in the mid-Oughties called 'the Kitchen Sink Capitalist').

I emailed him originally and suggested he make the recordings available as DRM free mp3 files, which he did - I believe the files sold pretty well. Since then, the site seems to have been taken down, the rights seem to have been sold on and it doesn't appear to be in stock anywhere. You may be SOL.
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Could you possible try to contact anyone who reviewed it on Amazon and offer to buy it from them? Not really sure of the rules from amazon about doing anything like that though. Maybe some of them are bored of their clocks.
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