Day rooms in Honolulu
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I'm heading to Hawaii and on our first day our flight lands in Honolulu at 8am but our flight to Kauai isn't until 5pm. Are there any hotel rooms that offer day rooms you can book in advance? So far we've tried the Pacific Marina Inn, but they said they cannot advise availability until the day. We really just want somewhere we can shower and store our bags, so any other suggestions are welcome.
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The Coconut Waikiki offers a 10am check in special called the Hang 10.
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Depending on your airline, it may be possible for you to take an earlier flight to Lihue. Hawaiian Airlines, for example runs several Honolulu to Lihue flights, and I have been able to get on the next departing flight (rather than the flight on my ticket) more than once.

Or, wait, do you want to spend the day in Honolulu?
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Best answer: Airbnb might be something you could use cheaply in this scenario?
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, we're going to try calling some hotels on the day. Worst case scenario we use the luggage storage service and find a gym to shower at.
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