Who is this painting by?
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Hi yall! I got this painting about 12 years ago in Baltimore as a gift. Who painted it?

I can't remember much about the artist except I believe it was a He, and it is one in a long series of record covers painted on wood (this one is of the Ted Nugent record Great Gonzo). I remember there being significant local buzz about him in newspapers, maybe the Baltimore City paper, but can't find any of those now. The initials in the corner seem to say SK. Thanks y'all!
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Steve Keene. He does these on-site weeks-long sessions that get a lot of publicity, and he sells a lot of paintings that he paints very quickly, likening it to the way music is sold. A friend of mine owns a few, and they're very easy to live with. Here's info about one he did in Santa Monica.
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The signature looks like 'Skott' to me. Could it have been Skott Cowgill? Or Skott Rage Johnson?
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Bam. 10 minutes. A new record possibly. Thanks BlahLaLa!
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In other news, this guy is awesome and I'll be getting more of his stuff.
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Steve is awesome. When I ordered from him on his website a while back, he basically sent me twice as many paintings as I paid for!
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Steve works out of a garage in Greenpoint in Brooklyn; he often opens his studio on Sunday afternoons and you can walk in and peruse. I bought about 5 of his paintings for $20.
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