RSS Feed Where One Doesn't Exhist
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Is there any way I can get an RSS feed for a site that doesn't publish one? I really want to access's Trailer page (which totally rocks) via Bloglines.
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You could ask this guy to scrape the site and make a feed for you for just two and a half Euros. (Discussed on Metafilter.)
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You say that they don't publish one, but they do have lots of feeds, including a general feed where they announce all new trailers. Sorry if you already know this; I can commiserate, as I have to scour the net all the time to find people who have made feeds of pages I want to track.
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Best answer: I think this site allows you to do what you want.
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Best answer: For sites that don't have feeds, I set up an e-mail subscription on Bloglines and use an e-mail reminder service to send me reminders to check the sites.
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Try this
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I have a similar question. I asked toothpastefordinner to set up an RSS feed and got a snarky 'no' response. I may ask for the scrape mentioned above, but is there any other source for TFD feeds?
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Response by poster: Thanks! The two answers I marked as best worked best.
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Forget toothpaste for dinner. drew's too busy selling books and t-shirts to care about his web presence.
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For relatively simple websites, I use the bloglines email subscription function with ChangeDetection--they email you when the website changes rather than having to set your own reminders.
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Soneone followed up with me on the Toothpaste For Dinner Feed. I believe that Drew has one of his own (atom) via live journal, but here's another made by 'lucas' who writes, "if you do post it please also write that I only made it because he refused to fix his own."
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