Have rods, tackle & permit, will travel near Seattle.
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I just acquired a couple of light-duty (i.e. inappropriate for river salmon) fishing rods, I've received a primer in selecting tackle and setting everything up, I know my knots, I've got my permits and a Discover Pass, and my cooler is ready for some fresh catch. Where, within a 40 minutes' drive of Seattle, can I go catch delicious fish that I can cook and eat? Any recommendations for location-specific books or other resources geared toward an absolute beginner who is more enthusiastic about the food than the sport?

I live near I-90 at I-5, a few blocks from the lake but am not so sure about all the sewage and pollution warning signs at the docks that are within walking distance – and I take my dog there daily but I've never seen any people fishing.
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Best answer: from an old Navy buddy from Seattle, who is an absolute stone cold Salmon murderer. Hope it helps

"Ok salmon season is not until summer...this is a pink or hump back salmon year (they run every 2 years) so he will catch lots of fish that are passing by so they are free from pollution. there are some piers you can fish from down that way for bottom fish but they are pretty picked over...if this guy is really serious he would look up his local PSA (puget sound angler) meeting most meetings are free to attend and lots of info is given out and his chances of meeting someone to take him under their wing is great....this time of year lots of lakes have just received a planting of trout, they are raised in clean cold rivers and for the next four weeks or so they taste delicious but then they start gorging on the bugs in the muddy lakes and take on a muddy taste...the plant list can be found at http://wdfw.wa.gov/fishing/plants/weekly/

Catchable Trout Plant Reports | Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife
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Response by poster: My love of trout is the reason I want to fish, by the way.

That link is very helpful – I take my dog hiking near one of the lakes listed for King County, Rattlesnake Lake, almost every week, and a couple of others are just 20 minutes away. Thanks!

I can't quite figure it out because I don't know my fish yet – is the Puget Sound Anglers organization focused mostly on saltwater fishing?
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the gissberg ponds in marysville
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Post a picture of the one that didn't get away.
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Response by poster: I've been fishing at Lake Boren and Lake Beaver – all the trout we've caught so far was very small, but I kept my first one and documented it for posterity. It was delicious.
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