Short, dog-friendly hike/walk near Seattle?
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I'd like to go for a short hike/long walk in the woods or other wild place within a 90-minute drive of Seattle this weekend.

The weather is gorgeous and I need to get outside! I'd like to take my 5-month-old puppy. He's only supposed to walk for about a half hour at a time on his puppy legs, so I'd like the walk to be relatively easy (a few miles or less). I'll keep him on-leash the whole time, but it has to be dog-friendly, so no national parks.

I'm open to forest, mountain, beach, whatever. I'd like it to be outside the city, within a 90 minute/two-hour drive.

I know about the WTA's hike-finder, but would love some mefite suggestions!
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This recent thread might be useful. For you I would especially recommend the Red Town trailhead at Cougar Mountain which gives you several different trails to choose from, all fairly easy and dog-friendly.
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You can do the Bus Trail at the Tiger Mountain trailhead off of I90. It is flat and well-groomed. It will suit puppy well, with several side-trails to explore if you are interested.
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Discovery Park and Carkeek Park. Carkeek is in Greenwood or thereabouts, due west of Northgate. Discovery Park is NW of Magnolia, on the sound.
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Response by poster: Thanks, good suggestions so far.

Discovery Park and Carkeek Park.

Love both, but I need to get out of the city. :)
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Come visit Whidbey and walk at one of the off leash parks? Brons park has wooded level trails, Greenbank Farm has lovely hills and views of the water and mountains, also a large woods. Double Bluff beach is a long sprawl of easy sand and interesting driftwood.
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Middle Fork on the Snoqualmie river - very flat, by a river, well outside the city but still a short drive. It's also a lovely beginner backpacking spot if you and pup want to do an over nighter at some point - there are campsites starting a mile in.
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Middle Fork is in a national park but I've seen lots of dogs on the trail and don't see anything online about dogs being disallowed.
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(Sorry for the staccato comments): Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest officially allows dogs on leash on trails and in campgrounds, so you guys can definitely do Middle Fork.
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Response by poster: Thanks again, everyone! We wound up going to Whidbey, which was perfect. Forest walk in Brons park and then splashing around in the water and digging in the sand at Double Bluff.

I may check out Middle Fork next!
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