Dorking around in Manchester, UK
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Fingers crossed, I'll have a spare (if probably jet-lagged) day in Manchester, UK, soon, and am looking for a thing or two to do. The sort of stuff I go for includes museums (science/technology, art, transport), history, industrial archaeology, cool architecture (Calatrava style), walking about, local cheap/take-out food, that sort of thing. Thanks!

Something along the lines of this question from The Whelk from a couple of years ago, I'm assuming there may be new things to do.
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Best answer: Manchester Museum and MOSI are both worth a look.
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I was going to recommend MOSI. Parts are definitely geared towards kids, but overall I really loved it. The room with the looms was awesome!
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Best answer: If you're of a leftist bent, The People's History Museum is a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours.
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And this might be a useful list to pick through with regards to decent food.
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Above museums are ace, also for another specialist defunct local industry hop on the 192 bus from Picadilly to the Stockport Hat Works hatting museum. Rubbish website, fabulous reconstructions of the local hatting trade.
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Best answer: MOSI definitely! And if you have the time, you could take the train (25 minutes) down to Macclesfield and see the beatifully preserved jacquard looms in the Paradise Mills (which like the Hat Works is a great museum with a terrible website).
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone so far! Paradise Mills looks neat, Erasmouse - that's a nice Flickr photo - and also, there's the punch card connection (I'm assuming).
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Best answer: Punch cards galore! It's an extraordinary space. Though there's jacquard looms, I believe, in the MOSI as well, if the haul out to Macclesfield is too much.

If you do decide to go, visitor info that's a little hard to grok from the website: you can only see the Mills as part of a small tour, they go (in summer season, on now) 11:45, 1pm, and 2:15 (suggest phoning ahead to double-check). You buy a ticket and meet the guide at the Silk Heritage Museum, in a separate building up the road (about a 15 minute walk from the train station). The Silk Industry Museum nearby, on a joint ticket, is also full of amazing machinery. It's all a bit of a faff but it's very beautiful and interesting, and highly recommended, if you have the energy.
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The Pankhurst Centre (Emmeline was a prominent suffragette).
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The best fast-food in Manchester is at Ho's Chinese Bakery in Chinatown.

My favourite walking-about bits are the bits behind Market Street - the Northern Quarter has interesting stores, but go a bit beyond and you'll see a lot of different things - the remnants of the Industrial Revolution like the Ragged School. I'd highly recommend picking up the Pevsner book on Manchester before you go if you like architecture - that will point you to industrial buildings and interesting things to see.
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Also! Check out the Skyliner blog.
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I would recommend a pint at The Temple. It is a remarkably small pub.
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Response by poster: Went over to the silk museums in Macclesfield today. It was dork-tastic, and the Paradise Mills collection of Jaquard looms was especially good. So thanks very much Erasmouse! Went back to Manchester for the Museum of Transport, also very good.
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Yay! So glad you enjoyed them!
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