Baby- and family-friendly activity for 6 couples on May 5 in Seattle?
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My family is in charge of organizing an event or outing for our PEPs group on Sunday May 5 in greater Seattle. We are 6 couples with babies from 8-10 months. Ideas that aren't the zoo or aquarium?

Let's assume the aquarium and zoo are out - what might you recommend for 6 couples with babies to do on a nice Sunday in Seattle (or within an hour of Seattle)?

It doesn't have to be exciting or super-creative - it could be something as simple as sitting around at a park having lunch or taking a walk around Seward Park, but I would love to hear some idea that aren't mine. Maybe there are some awesome local kid events happening that Sunday around Seattle?

We're all physically able, can walk and hike gentle grades, have a few bucks we can spend per family, and really like to actually talk to each other.

Any ideas welcome! Thanks!
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Every Sunday from late April to Septemberish the Center for Wooden Boats at South Lake Union does free sailing trips for the public. Have someone in the group sign everyone up as early as 10 am, meet around noon to walk around revitalized SLU for a bit, then head back for the 2 pm sail.

On a nice day, walk around Green Lake, play in the playground, then grab a treat at one of the many coffee, bakery, froyo or pizza spots around the lake.

Center House at Seattle Center will be hosting events for Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage month: Head downstairs to the Children's Museum for the Cinco de Mayo and Children's Day special event:

The Mobile Food Rodeo in Fremont is happening on the 5th. People watching for the little ones while parents nosh a bit. Then get away from the crowds with a walk along the canal or, slightly further afield, over to Gasworks park. Packs/slings/carriers are helpful for the food fair part, at least. Getting strollers through crowds can be a pain.

I'd imagine some of the fruit trees at the Beacon Food Forest are in bloom right now, so might be a pretty spot for a stroll and picnic:
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It's out on Bainbridge, but the Bloedel Reserve is pretty cool.
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There are 2 nice small zoos within an hour of Seattle: Cougar Mountain and Point Defiance. Point Defiance is opening its new stingray exhibit that weekend.
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Museum of Flight
Kubota Gardens
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If the babies are around 8 - 10 months old in May, that probably means you don't have much experience yet dining al fresco with the mobile wee ones. A picnic with infants that age is a million times better than dining out at a restaurant or a cafe, and it really is the most carefree way to socialize with other adults. It's sociable, easy, and the babies can roll and wiggle around. No worries about mess or where to change diapers. For activities, bring bubbles for the babies and bocce for the adults. To make it super-easy on the parents, bring take-out rather than trying to organize picnic food for everyone.
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