What was this female-singer, new folksy song about the months?
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Can you help me ID this newer folk song, by a female singer, about the months?

I was listening to Richmond's local WRIR station on their alt-folk night while driving home, and I really liked a song by a female singer that went through naming all the months and told a little about each month. I think it is a newer song based on the program I heard it on. The singer's voice was kind of...dreamy. That's all I've got. Any guesses?
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What program did you hear it on? If no one here has it, give the station a call. Stations are required to log their plays and someone could look it up, or the DJ could tell you if you call next time.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Miko! I left a comment on the program's blog, but haven't heard back yet. I can try calling the DJ on Tuesday--good idea.
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It's a longshot, since you think it's a newer song, but is it possibly Calendar Girl by the Montreal band Stars?
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Is the alt-folk night the one on Tuesday?
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Tracy Grammer often covers the Paul Simon song "April Come She Will"
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