What are some good free download games for young kids?
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I'm gifting my laptop to my far-away sister, and want to pre-load it with some fun, free, friendly games she can use to entertain her live-in grandkids (ages 4 and 2). Any suggestions?

I don't think she has reliable internet, and the laptop itself is rather old (running Windows XP), but I know it can handle some older games like Baldur's Gate and Civ 4. It does have Flash and Java installed. I'm thinking educational stuff but also just fun things, which I can download and install before sending it, to save her the time and because I'm not sure about her internet connection.

Preview offers this, but it's a little old (2007).... also I look at those games and I have no idea which ones a kid would like and which ones they would find dull.

I'm hoping some Mefites can tell me "Oh! You have to get (x), my kids love it!" If there's a game that's SO AWESOME, but not free, I might be willing to buy it, but my budget is really really limited.

Thanks for any help!
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At that age my kids liked AlphaBaby. It might be Mac-only, sorry, but a little poking around suggests that BabySplat is similar and works on Windows.
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Tux Paint is a drawing program with all sorts of textures, stamps, and sound effects. It is nearly impossible, maybe actually impossible, to erase or delete an image accidentally, and it's altogether easy to use and fun. It was in the previous thread, but is still my faborite of all the drawing programs we've used.
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