Best Bookstores in Pacific Northwest
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I'm road tripping thru the Pacific Northwest. I'll be vetting bookstores for my upcoming book tour in Boise ID, Bend OR, Eugene/Corvallis OR, Portland OR, Seattle WA, Spokane WA, and Missoula MT — and any towns in between that warrant it. :-) I'm hoping y'all might have bookstores to recommend! Aside from Auntie's in Spokane and Powell's in Portland, I'm relying on Yelp — but I'd much prefer your personal recommendations for bookstores that host author events, have a great vibe, and friendly staff.
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Powells is the obvious one in Portland. The downtown store ("City of Books on Burnside") is the main attraction, but you can see author events at other locations as well on this calendar.
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in Seattle you have to get yourself to Elliott Bay Book Company
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Bellingham, WA may be out of your way, but Village Books is pretty awesome, if you find yourself there.
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Tsunami Books in Eugene is my favorite bookstore in town. They have a little stage that is great for readings and intimate concerts.

Cozy, cool place. The owner has been known to, often, go down the street and bring back a few bottles of wine for concerts and readings. . .
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Smith Family! Their campus store in Eugene is a treasure trove, and for as long as I can remember (and that's saying something since I recall buying a Russian language book for 50 cents from them when I was eight years old; the last time I was there was 22 years later, in 2006), they've always had great staff. Such a good vibe that this once-8-year-old nerd turned into a multilingual comparative lit nerd in large part thanks to their awesomeness.
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Looks like Seattle's two best book stores are mentioned. I would add Left Bank Books which is downtown and right in the mouth of Pike Place Market. Anarchism, anti-authoritarianism, activism, collectively owned, etc.

Seattle Metaphysical Library might also be interesting, but I keep forgetting to visit when I'm there in Ballard. From there, take a walk down Leary Way to see the many interesting shops, restaurants and bars that make that stretch of Ballard such great hangout.

And there's a very specialized bookshelf (really just one shelf) of books about homebrewing and distilling that go way beyond anything you'll find at Barnes & Noble, at Bob's Homebrew Store in the Ravenna neighborhood of Seattle. Many (most?) of the books are from The Amphora Society. I include it because I've never seen the books anywhere else, and I consider it to be vital knowledge.
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Yes, Village Books in Bellingham is great!
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The University Bookstore in Seattle (and the University District branch in particular) is not just where UW students buy textbooks and supplies but is also a top-notch independent bookstore that's fun to browse and has an impressive stream of author events.
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Elliot Bay Book Company
University Bookstore
Don't forget the Ravenna location of Third Place Books
Small but awesome: Secret Garden Books in Ballard
Reopening with new owners: Queen Anne Books (Facebook link since web site isn't ready yet).

I was just in Bellingham the other day, and Village Books is indeed superlative.
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A friend of mine in Bellingham who's an author has done events at Village Books, University Bookstore U-District, and Third Place Books. These are all definitely good places to hit.
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Depending on your route from Spokane to Missoula you could swing through Moscow ID and check out Book People.
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Unfortunately (for me!) I don't have a personal recommendation for you but if I wanted to find such a thing on the fly I would go to Here's their store finder - just enter a zip code.

You could also check out Jenny Milchman's blog - she's an author currently on a 18,000 mile book tour with her husband and kid.
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If you take the northern pass through the Cascades, you could go the Trail's End Bookstore in Winthrop, WA. It's a cute little store in a cute little town. I know the owners and they would love to have more author events.
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Seattle Mystery Bookshop. Great staff, great events, arguably the best of its kind in the U.S. (certainly in the top two or three).
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(...I guess if your book isn't a mystery it won't do you much good, but, dammit, it needs to be on this list.)
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In Portland, Broadway Books (for normal books) and Floating World (for comics) are both friendly and have a lot of author events.
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If you go to the Third Place in Lake Forest Park, get a slice of the carrot cake at the in-store Honey Bear Bakery. (Split it with a friend, they're huge.) It is the best carrot cake I have ever had, ever.
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Response by poster: I love this! Thank you!

Any ideas on the Boise front? I'm seeing Red Letter, Hyde Park, and Rainbow Books — are there others? Any better than the rest?

Lyssabee: I really appreciate the link to I've used it before. Helpful. But nothing beats first-hand opinions. :-)

Which is why I'm visiting all the stores, first.

When I was in DC, I checked out a half dozen stores and came away with one I liked. I guess that would be firstest-hand opinion? :D
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Response by poster: Moptop: do you think your friends might like an apocalyptic novel? Winthrop isn't too out of the way … 
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Smith Family Bookstore -- Downtown
525 Willamette Street
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 343-4717

This is a great bookstore! I used to live in Eugene, and this bookstore is what I wish Powells was.
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Jenny Lawson did an appearance at the Costco north of Seattle when she was here. It's just up the road from the Lake Forest Park Third Place Books mentioned above, which is a bookstore I like. I can vouch for that particular Costco being a perfectly fine Costco except that they sometimes run out of macadamia nuts.
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It's been years since I was in there myself, but I used to like Orca Books in Olympia and I think they still have a good reputation.
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Response by poster: I want to thank everyone for helping out on this question.

The trip was a huge success for me: 2,500 miles driven, some 16 bookstores visited. 6 are going to be on the tour and one of them already has me in their schedule for next spring!

My only regrets: I couldn't make it to Winthrop, because of time constraints (but I'll call them and see what shakes out); and Between the Covers — which I found in Bend Oregon — is a PERFECT fit for me, but it's closing its doors forever next week. :-(

Next bookcrawl: Las Vegas / SoCal.

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