Is there something better than plastic wrap for the back of an iPad?
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I've got an iPad mini and I'm pretty sure I want a keyboard cover. However, any sort of rear case would interfere with the iPad fitting into the slot of the keyboard cover. And I'd rather not get a keyboard case since they seem rather bulky, I'd rather get the pretty thin Logitech keyboard cover and take it or leave it as I need it. So it looks like the best bet to keep the back of my iPad from getting scratched up every time I put it down and potentially slide it across some dirt or grit on a surface is to grab a piece of plastic wrap that is cut slightly smaller than the iPad and stretch it over the back. A piece lasts about a week. Is there a better (more durable, less likely to come off) solution? Ideally something under $10 and clear (or white). Maybe some sort of sticker? Or plastic shrinks down to size and hugs the iPad when heated with a hair dryer? Thanks for whatever help you can provide navigating the sea of iDevice accessories.
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Best answer: I have had an iPad mini for months now and it has gone through the ringer multiple times and still no scratches. They are more resilient than you think. I also have the logitech keyboard and it seems to offer a decent amount of stability to everything too.
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Best answer: The back's pretty resilient on my iPad. And inasmuch as it does sometimes get a little scratched-up... ok, so what? The scratches are a lot more attractive than a piece of plastic wrap.
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Best answer: Gela Skins. Not clear but very durable.
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Best answer: ooh those gela skins look sweet!... yeah, the search terms you are looking for are ipad mini "skins" or "wraps"
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Best answer: Seconding the Gela Skin recommendation. Another similar option is Society 6 which does similar skins with a much wider variety of art. I have one on the back of my iPad and have been very happy with it, both looks and durability. There's also similar skins that are clear. There's probably some on Amazon, etc. too. What you're looking for is a "skin".

That said, leaving it naked is a totally reasonable option too. They're sturdier than you think. I've only got a skin on mine because I didn't like the noise it made when I set the metal back on top of my metal laptop. Yes, there is probably something wrong with me :)
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Best answer: If you don't want to spend very much money on this, try (many other options there)
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Best answer: If you want to spend very, very little money, clear packing tape.
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Best answer: I've had my iPad 2 for a couple years now, with the original smart cover, and I have only a few barely perceptible scratches on the back. I use a Tom Bihn sleeve to transport it, but when I'm using it (every day), I'm not terribly fussy about where I set it down. I'm with those who say that the "something better than plastic wrap" is nothing at all.
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Best answer: I don't know if they have all of these components for the iPad mini, but I am looking at this solution for a regular iPad and Logitech keyboard cover.
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Best answer: Tossing in another Gela Skins vote. I've had one one my iPad for almost 2 years now. I'm not against my stuff looking used, but I find the Gela Skin offers a much better gripping surface than the uncovered back. Maybe not as big a deal on the mini, but there you go. Also, you can upload your own design or photo and they will make yours to order.
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Response by poster: Excellent, thank you all. Glad to hear that the iPad is more resilient than I thought and that the term I was looking for was skins. I'll probably get a Gela Skin, maybe an Escher one.

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Another option is Zagg.

I have a Zagg screen protector for my iPod Touch, and it's definitely saved the screen from some horrific scratches. It was recommended by a friend of mine who is very particular about his stuff, and has the full-body Zagg on his iPhone, and is very pleased with it.
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