Best place to have brunch this Sunday near Lenin's statue?
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We only get to Seattle occasionally these days, and usually eat at old favorite spots. But this Sunday we have tickets to a new theatre, West of Lenin, and want to meet family for brunch before the show.

There's plenty of restaurants in the area, but we'd like a place that's comfortable with us hanging around drinking coffee after we finish eating, and I need a place that's relatively quiet. Any kind of food, definitely doesn't need to be cutting edge cuisine, most any price range. Maybe out Leary Way towards Ballard? The further from the statue, the less time we'll have together. (And I think a picnic along the canal is a little premature this year.)
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It's been quite a while since I've eaten there but I remember The Dish having good breakfast food. Just be aware that brunch in Seattle is a religion; places fill up fast and early and lines are long. There's really no way around it except eating as early as possible while everyone is still in bed.
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While Roxy's is packed with the young and hip, Norm's next door is often much darker and quieter, even during brunch.

Further down Leary, you might find unhurried space at Hales Ales or at Ballard Cafe across the road.

I seldom brunch out anymore on weekends because there's so much turnover pressure. Takeout from Roxys is my standard treat unless I'm taking the dog to Norm's.
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The Dish on Leary and 8th is the best brunch place in Seattle. Get there early and get on the list.
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Norms is a quiet bar for breakfast. They have good pancakes and is a stone's throw from Lenin. Plus dogs!
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I feel obliged to warn you that Norm's, while a very charming dive bar, is not known for the most scrupulous cleanliness, since dogs are allowed inside. Especially since it sounds like you are going with older relatives, who might not be down with that.
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Roxy's is one of my favorites, they specialize in breakfast/brunch, and it is pretty much across the street from the Lenin statue.
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Thanks for the suggestions! The Dish sounds great, and we're going to try it one of these days, but if they have a list, they aren't going to welcome people sitting and chatting for long periods. Yelp calls Roxy's "fun and loud" which also won't work for us this time. Thanks, matildaben, for the head's up about Norm's. The location would be great for us, but our family members have two large, hairy, active dogs at home, and would indeed prefer a dogless breakfast. Which leaves Hales, kinda of far away, but a direct shot on a surface street, and their brunch menu looks okay.
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