Best cross country route right now from MI to WA?
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I am moving from lower MI to the Seattle area very soon. I was planning on taking 80 or 90, but both of them have recently been closed due to snow. Will going that way be okay, or is there a better way to go?

I'm considering even going to 70, and I guess even more south if the weather is really bad. I do not want to spend tons of time on the road, and I know 90 is the most direct route, but I also want to be safe and not stressed out by the weather. Does anyone know knows US highways better than I have any input? So I am looking for the shortest safe route where I am not likely to get stranded. Thank you so much for any help!
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Best answer: You'll have to head a long way south if you want no risk of weather causing highway closures (even 40 closes sometimes, though it's pretty unlikely).

We've had quite a few closures/delays on 70 in Colorado east of the rockies this year (and at least one over Vail Pass), and it's not impossible it could happen again before the year is over.

As Seymour said, keep an eye on the weather, and stick to 90.
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Best answer: this time of year closures tend to last hours not days, not always, but more than in the dead of winter. watch weather forecasts and plan accordingly and 90 should be fine.
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It's definitely spring here in WA so, I think you should be fine. They were recommending traction tires last week to go over the pass through the Cascades on 90, but that's it.
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I 90 is the way to go. It's clear now, with no snow storms forecast for the next week (mixed rain and snow = slush), and less and less chance of snow as the days pass. It's spring over here in Puget Sound. The thing about 90 is that it's so busy that heavy traffic, especially trucks, keep the pavement clear, and the State Patrol keeps a close eye on it. I'm a complete wuss about driving in the snow, but have no anxiety about going over Snoqualmie Pass.
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Best answer: I moved from Ohio to Seattle in July a couple years ago.

Like others have suggested, 90 is your best bet and you will want to keep a close eye on weather reports.

Your biggest hurdle, I'm guessing, will be through the middle bits of the country as Seymour mentioned. The continental divide is a real bitch if you're driving a moving truck; I can't imagine it's any easier in snowy conditions. I don't know if it will be snowy in those parts this time of year but it's worth checking out.

Will you be in a U-Haul? Car? Caravan of some kind?
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Response by poster: Thanks so much guys for the unanimous vote to go on 90! I feel much more confident now.
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