I need a lot of royalty-free pictures of California. Options?
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So basically I need to swap out all the art on several websites with photos of California that we have the rights to use in perpetuity (as well as for print). I realize there's the "buy one at a time from Getty" avenue but I have neither the time or resources for that. What I need is a boatload of pics that I can use for commercial use that are all OF California (as well as some general use pics, graphics and art). A very big collection that I can hand to an intern so they can get swapping. I think in the old days you used to just be able to buy a CD-rom of images. Can you still do that? Are there full collections with hundreds of pics? Or are there any free collections that anyone knows about that are just public use for this purpose? My budget for this is not high (no more than a couple hundred bucks) so I'm open to any options possible.
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Have you tried contacting a tourism bureau? They may be able to point you in the direction of a photographer who would sell you a cd's worth of images.
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Public domain images of California- free for commercial or private use.

No personal guarantees on quality or of actual public domain status - I just Googled "public domain images California"
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If your usage is compatible with the GNU Free Documentation License or Creative Commons CC-BY-SA then you'll find a lot of useful images on Wikipedia. Wikipedia content is generally licensed to allow for commercial use. There may be certain copyleft provisions, but I'm not an expert on that.
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The PD site linked above requires that you link back to their site, if you use the photo. You can try handout from the US National Parks, State of California, etc..
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Go to Compfight, search for "california," and in the left sidebar, click "commercial" under "license." This will give you more than 628,000 images from Flickr that accept commercial use under Creative Commons. Before the intern uses an image, they should double-check the license on the Flickr page of the image and follow the fine print (attribution required or whatever).
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Not free, but I've had good luck with thinkstockphotos.com. Search results for California . Probably towards the top end of your budget-- $99 for 5 downloads, $229 for 25 downloads-- but quite a few beautiful photos.
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There are over 1100 photos tagged with "California" at MorgueFile.com.
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With a couple of hundred bucks you can do a lot of damage at Dreamstime, which I prefer as it's cheaper than the Getty brands. You can also restrict search on price.
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If you can use Creative Common licensed photos, Flickr lets you search by license. Searching CC licensed photos that allow commercial use for "California" returns more than 800,000 results.
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Calisphere has primary source material from 120 institutions. I would ask them: small FAQ & contact form.
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If older photos are ok, try Library of Congress.

NASA also has many uncopyrighted photos.

See also this ask.
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