Looking for books with holograms in them
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I am interested in locating books with holograms in them--the more lavish the better. Are there books that have holographic pages? Or that use holograms to tell part of the story? I look forward to your recommendations.
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"The Mirrorstone" by Michael Palin. I had it growing up. Very pretty, very creepy.
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Not knowing your purposes, would a magazine count? In 1988 National Geographic put out their December issue with fully holographic front and back covers. The issue was called As We Begin Our Second Century, the Geographic Asks: Can Man Save this Fragile Earth? and features our planet on the cover.

I remember this distinctly as a kid, and a few years back I happened to find a copy of it in my apartment's laundry room. When I picked it up and flipped it over, I realized that the back cover was fully holographic as well, and was a McDonald's ad.

If it suits your purposes, you can pick one up on eBay. Looks like they had other issues with smaller holograms on them too.
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Here are books that were listed in the collection of the (now-defunct) Museum of Holography in New York: The Mirrorstone; Stolen Ecstasy by Janelle Taylor, a Zebra Romance, 1985; Destiny's Temptress by Janelle Taylor, a Zebra Romance, 1985; Longwood High School Yearbook (Beyond the Silver 1987) (Middle Island, NY); Night Stone, by Rick Hautala, Zebra Horror, 1987; The Devil's Cat, William W. Johnstone, Zebra Horror, 1987; 1990 Shapes [High School Yearbook], Rippowam Cluster Program (Stamford, CT); The Skook, J.P. Miller, 1984 (allegedly first hologram used on a hardback book cover); Holographic Art, Perception, Evolution, Future, Brigitte Burgmer, 1987; The Three Dimensions, Setsuko Ishii, 1984.

Most of these appear to have holographic covers (or sometimes just a holographic sticker or insert on the cover); I'm not sure if any have interior pages or part of the story in holograms.

These are listed as booklets or artist booklets, so may have had limited runs/availability:
Atrapados Por La Luz (Caught by Light), 1992; En-Torn Holografia, Centre Cultural D'Alcoi, 1993; La Mujer, Volume I and II, Karas Studios Holografia, 1993; Karas Tiny Magazine, January - June 1994, No. 106, Karas Studios Holografia, 1994.

Other magazines: GeoMundo magazine (Jan. 1985), National Geographic magazine (Vol. 168, No. 5, Nov. 1985); National Geographic magazine cover (vol. 174, no. 6, December 1988); Lasers & Applications magazine (May 1985); Geo Wissen magazine cover (5/25/87 issue); Al Majal magazine (Sept. 1984, no. 162); National Geographic magazine cover (vol. 165, no. 3, March 1984); Kids Life and Times Magazine (Vol. 1, number 2); Chip Magazine (April 1987); Follow Me (issue No. 18, Aug/Sept 1985); Sports Illustrated Magazine (Dec. 23, 1991)
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A paperback version of Raptor Red by Robert Bakker had a hologram of a dinosaur on the cover. From one angle the dinosaur was in profile, from another angle looking straight out of the cover.
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The MIT Museum has an online catalog that includes the Museum of Holography's archives. A quick search for "hologram" and "book" turned up more than a dozen hits, but I think nonane mentioned most or all of them. It'd be a good place to start if you wanted to check out the artists for newer work.
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2nding Safari.

A lot of kids books have holographic covers. The ones that come to mind are Animorphs. The original 90s publication had a gradual person-to-animal shift that you see at the top of that Wiki page, but about 2/3 of the way down you'll see that the recent republication has an honest-to-goodness hologram on the front.
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