Seeking new techno tracks.
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Help me find some new, fresh tekno for an upcoming mix CD release.

I've been slated for a mix CD pressed and released on an indy label out of SF, but my tracks are a bit stale. I'm looking for techno-techno, not trance, not house, not breaks. I like tight but swung-out bass rhythm tracks, somewhat melodic, not too acidy, not too noisy. It can cross genres (the best stuff does). It can be neo-disco, it can be house-ish, but I'm specifically looking for that sort of rolling, semi-minimal 606-and-909 bass-kick heavy floorstomping tekno style.

Non-exhaustive list of some stuff I like: Cari Lekebusch, Advent, Danilo Vigorito, Rino Cerrone, Marco Carola, Stanny Franssen, Jeff Mills, Surgeon, Neuropolitique, Thomas Krome, Motor Ola, Mhonolink, Johan Bacto, Puente Latino, Bangkok Impact.

Examples that have that have that bombastic killer swung-out basskick: Puente Latino's "Takes u there", Cari Lekebusch's "Unite" add even "Jon's Secret Technique".

I like chromatic, lush synth lines as opposed to harsh scratchy ones. I love subsonics and superlush basslines. I like the acid sound, but I don't need to be jackhammered in the head with it.

I'm looking for stuff that threads that fine balance between floor stomping goodness, loose, rolling but still terse and tight rhythm, and minimal-vs.-complexity.

Totally unsigned/unreleased DIY indy stuff that fits the bill is warmly welcomed, as well.
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Response by poster: Meh! "that have that have that" :)
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Self link: Profiling, second track down, might fit the bill? Help yourself.
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Bungled the link. Here.
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dive into one of her live sets (can be found on soulseek) to start, then explore the LPs.

also, check out the roster of artists on her record label, bpitchcontrol.

also, you should try asking this on xltronic.

another good suggestion is to search for some of the songs you mentioned above on and see what tracks people mixed alongside.
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I find a lot of new music (I'm a Mills fan too) by listening to streams of different shows broadcast on BBC Radio One - each show has a full track listing so you can identify the stuff you like.

Also, are you mixing on vinyl or CD? If CD, I like to edit out, loop and reburn little bits of tracks that I like so that I can make unique mix creations rather than rely on buying the latest tracks the whole time which I'm sure you'll agree can become rather tedious - if you've got a clear idea of what you like in your mind, oftentimes it's easier to create it yourself rather than hope that someone else has *and* that you can locate it ....
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loquacious, Pandora might be perfect for you here. It attempts to recommend music similar to those you like. Instead of, which bases recommendations upon people's tastes, it actually attempts to find similar music by matching '"literally hundreds of musical attributes or "genes"'. If you enter some of the artists you named above, in theory it should recommend similar artitsts in turn, and provide music for you to hear just to be sure.

For me it won't replace; but given your specific needs, it might prove useful.
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joris voorn
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Response by poster: nthdegx: Thanks! I like it enough to put it in my playlist, but it isn't danceable enough.

forallmankind: I'll be using Traktor DJ Studio, actually. So I do a lot of editing, looping, and remixing on the fly as I'm DJing anyway - either through live interactive looping or pre-progammed cue and loop points. I forget about BBC One.

ori: Rad links. And I've heard a little Ellen Allien and liked it. Art of the mix looks good too.

nthdegx: I forgot about Pandora, too. Darn newfangled musicological tools. :)

ouke: I like. Especially "flow", which has a good slice of that swung out bass kick and ghetto/urban techno feel. Not quite straight-up detroit, nor chigago, but not so unpolished and crufty like 'real' freetekno/ghetto.

forallmankind: "rather than rely on buying the latest tracks the whole time which I'm sure you'll agree can become rather tedious - if you've got a clear idea of what you like in your mind, oftentimes it's easier to create it yourself rather than hope that someone else has *and* that you can locate it ...."

I don't find it too tedious, I'm not really into trying to find "the dopest, freshest and/or most popular" tracks - not even back when I started DJing 12+ years ago, or even when I was volunteering at public radio and running my own shows, even though there was a lot of that kind of oneupmanship and competition.

I do write/produce a bit of my own stuff, but my tools are limited, and the stuff I've done isn't as tight as a lot of the stuff I really like to DJ and dance/listen to. It's not stuff I generally would feel comfortable with DJing, and I'd rather actually just release an album if I was going to go that route.

But I love the remix/mashup ethos, and like I mentioned before Traktor (when done well) really takes the whole DJing experience to a whole new level of flexibility. It's much more of a live performance than your standard turntable/CD based dance beatmatch+blend mixing has been for me traditionally - as opposed to hiphop style turntabilism, which is *much* more of an artistic/live experience rather than just stitching tracks together. Of course, it's not as flexible or "live" as Ableton's Live or, say, custom Max/MSP algorithms and interfaces, but from a DJ-based experience, it's fucking fantastic.

Reward: Here's a cheesy-smooth melodic trance mix I did a couple of weeks ago in Traktor. I did this one to prove to some friends/peers that the crunchy, harder and more heavily transformed/chopped/cut techno mixing I do is intentional and not just 'cause I can't do that smooth rockstar club DJ stuff. Note that I've been using Traktor without a cue channel, and this mix is no exception, so I've been working without any form of a pre-cue/headphone channel for syncing/matching. I beatmatch visually off the meters and counter in Traktor, and just knowing my tracks. (Link)
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Here's a few tracklistings from recent posts on the tech-house mailing list (with downloadable mixes where available):

Spincycle (Jan. 2005 mix)
Moodymann – don’t be misled (kdj)
Formidable force - mind games (20/20 vision)
Additives & preservatives - fly (index)
wolf and flow - reactivate (20/20 vision)
Kevin freeman - get in the groove now (room4)
Igloo - boogie (igloo)
Swag - drum hydraulics version 8 (J.B.O)
Swag - crumpled cones (version)
John tejada - timebomb (seventh city)
Entity - arrived (immigrant)
Miguel graca and Trevor walker - time <2 0/20 mix> (set)
Spincycle - times out (low pressings)
Ultraviolet - 2 lights (music man)

Mass Transit Radio - 17.08.2005 (65 minutes/192kbps/89Mb)
01 Benefit Idiots ¤ Track 4 ¤ Trapez Ltd
02 John Tejada ¤ Flight To Tokyo ¤ Poker Flat
03 Aerobic Studio ¤ Load Cassette ¤ Aerobic
04 Lawrence ¤ This Night Will Last For Ever (Lusine Rmx) ¤ Ladomat
05 Jussipekka ¤ The Yellow Emperor ¤ Audiomatique
06 Juho Kahilainen ¤ Now And Since ¤ Initial Cuts
07 Booka Shade ¤ Panoramic ¤ Get Physical
08 Silver Haze ¤ I Don’t Care ¤ Crack & Speed
09 Justin Martin & Sammy D ¤ Don’t Luv (Landshark Rework) ¤ Utensil
10 Oliver Hacke ¤ Subject Carrier (Alex Under Rmx) ¤ Trapez
11 Gabriel Ananda ¤ Sussholz (Falko Brocksieper Rmx) ¤ Treibstoff
12 Benefit Idiots ¤ Track 1 ¤ Trapez Ltd
13 C-Pen ¤ Flashback ¤ Late Night Essentials
14 Koljah ¤ My Room ¤ Phil E

Adam Pearson "Free Utah: Wine & Catharsis Mix"
01. Soulphiction - White Ropes - Freude Am Tanzen
02. Sunset People - Salty Dog - Get Physical
03. Markus Nikolai - Superstar - Perlon
04. Claude Von Stroke - Deep Throat - Dirtybird
05. Jabberjaw - I speak for some of that - Perlon
06. Akufen - Quebec Nightclub - Perlon
07. Luciano & Quenum - Orange Mistake - Cadenza
08. Sieg Über Die Sonne - Love is OK (Villalobos mix) - Multicolor Recordings
09. Ricardo Villalobos - Chromosul - Perlon
10. Slacknoise - Permanent Marker - m-nus
11. Donnnacha Costello - Cocoa (A-side) - Minimise
12. Artist Unknown - Psycho (a-side) - Trapez LTD
13. Daniel Bell - Bleep - Logistic
14. Pantytec - Alabaster - Perlon
15. D.Diggler - Senso - Resopal Schallware
16. John Tejada & Justin Maxwell - Unpleasant Hard Disc Surprise - Palette
17. John Tejada & Justin Maxwell - Mind Bend - Palette
18. Brett Johnson - Big Drunk Caterpillar - Classic
19. Bob Dylan - Wigwam - CBS

Lots of people were moved by this mix:
Donnacha Costello live @ 1 year 18-06-05 megaupload

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Oh my God it's techno music!
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