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Good day, fellow Me-Fites! I am having a little difficulty locating an experienced electrician that will be able to resolve the intermittent issue we are having with the electric run to our swimming pool equipment. sometimes the pump comes on and sometimes it doesn't... I will of course be happy to receive your helpful suggestions and recommendations. Oh, and we live in Carrollton if that helps.
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Oddly enough, although they tend to be more expensive, after a bunch of trial and error, I find the larger or national guys to be worth the extra money.

For example, I use Bellco in Atlanta. So much better than some handy-dude.

So when I google, Dallas Electrician, I got Milestone Electrical.

I used to have a plumber and at first I thought he was pretty great. Sure, he quoted a bathroom re-do for $4,000 and it ended up being $14,000. And sure he replaced our sewer pipe for $7,000 (but he dug up $4,000 worth of landscaping.)

So now I call Superior Plumbing, because when they quote a price, it STAYS that price. Also, no drama. They have everything they need on the truck and they're in and out in the time they say they will be. (No phone calls from the other side of the metroplex saying they're stuck out in the county but can they come tomorrow.)

This has been my experience.
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