'The vision thing .. grandkids .. all that'
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Everybody knows Bush Sr said 'the vision thing' -- but wasn't he also quoted as having added 'grandkids'? Google gives me goose eggs.
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I think you're remembering two separate things as one. "The vision thing" was about his presidency.

Another time, at a campaign event, he was caught on an open mic telling someone that his grandchildren were all the little brown ones
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Vision Thing at Wikipedia has cites for the quote. No mention of grandchildren or goose eggs.
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When he retired he mentioned that his next career would be "the granddad business."
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Response by poster: Thanks all, and yes, I may be conflating 2 comments. Still, I have a strong memory of a single comment -- a combined reference even more priceless than either one alone. Oh, well, gone with the wind.
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