Where to shop for bras in Paris, France
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What are some of the best stores for bra shopping in Paris, France? They must have awesome bras for ladies with DD+ cup sizes. Où sont les meilleurs magasins et boutiques à Paris pour acheter des soutiens-gorge pour une femme de grande taille?
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I'm going to Marks & Spencer on the champs élysées tomorrow specifically in order to buy lingerie, it's next to George V metro.
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Your question reminded me of this little essay that was in the NYT magazine a few years ago: the author had a custom bra created in Paris by the great-granddaughter of the woman who invented the brassiere. (At 555 euros her purchase was hardly practical but I thought you might find the account interesting.)

A search for "bespoke lingerie Paris" turned up this list of Paris lingerie shop recommendations.

Good luck!
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FWIW, the American chain Intimacy, which carries European bras and caters toward larger ladies, carries these brands. I know that doesn't help with a location, but at least it gives you some names to start looking at. You probably know this, but keep in mind that European bra sizing also differs from American (and is much more sensible).
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How much are you willing to spend? I really liked Fifi Chachnil (which is in that list sophiblue links to), but even the ready to wear stuff generally wasn't below $100 per item.

And yes, USian bra sizes are stupid and should be ignored in favor of euro ones. But maybe get measured at a nice bra store now before heading off in search of fancypants in Paris.
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Response by poster: I am used to spending $75-$100 for a good bra. I am still losing weight so don't want to spend too much more than that.
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If you're a large size, I would not recommend getting measured at M+S - they measured my 34FF as a 40C. The bras themselves, though, do the job.
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Response by poster: I'm going to say that this question is unresolved, at least for the specifics I asked for. Fifi Chachnil doesn't have any sizes over a C-cup. Laure Sokol turned out to be a good bet for DD+ sizes but I didn't buy anything there because they were super-expensive. I also did not go the custom route because of the cost. I did not buy any bras in Paris.
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