Does anyone recognize this logo?
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This is the logo. I want to know what brand or company it corresponds to. It's on a pair of pants. That's about all I know since it's not mine.
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Is the logo's orientation in your photo true to it's orientation on the pants (ie. top is up, bottom is down), and is it more or less likely that this is a US clothing brand? Did you notice any other brands the person was wearing, say shoes or jacket? Was this person young or old, male/female, hip/sloppy, etc?
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Looks like it is correctly oriented in the photo (it's a mushroom).
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Just in case anyone else was thinking of doing it - feeding that image into Google Image Search for similar images didn't return any hits.
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And what kind of pants were they? Cargo? Camo? Khaki?
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Men's or women's pants? (Do they have giant pockets or smaller pockets? Does the size go by waist size or a rather arbitrary "size" size?)
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It kind of looks like the Taylormade logo, except theirs is usually more off-center.

Something about it makes me think tennis or golf, but I can't say for sure
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This makes me think of winter sports gear, for some reason.
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I tried cleaning it up in Photoshop for GIS purposes but alas, still no results. Here's the vectored version if anyone can make better use of it!

(If we're voting, my dad says it looks like a basketball and I'm favoring the letter T.)
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I thought I had recently seen it, but it was the store that sells see-through pants I was remembering. Close, but no cigar.
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