What birds were these?
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I live in the Western NC mountains. Early this morning I saw a line of birds flying very high, ( they looked like a ribbon of dots), and fast, from south to north. The formation was strikingly beautiful as they were following in a wavering line rather than the typical V formation. What species did I see?
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Cedar Waxwings?
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Do you mean the line was like one arm of a V? Geese don't always make the second arm of the V shape, and sometimes fly with a leader which has only one bird in its slipstream instead of two.
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Beyond "migrating birds", I fear it's going to be difficult to answer your question.
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I've seen geese, ducks, swans, cormorants and white-fronted ibis fly in formations like this (many of these were ID'd by better birders than me). The V formation is very common for many birds, but even the ones most likely to use it don't use it and only it.
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White-faced ibis, that should be.
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