Replacement for "Pureology Texture Twist" - now discontinued?
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For years I've been using Pureology Texture Twist. Product description here. Of course since I like it, it's now discontinued. I haven't tried other products, I liked the way this allowed me to style my hair (messy/spikey). I liked that it was more on the "natural end" of things, didn't have petroleum/mineral oil, and was amazingly balanced at "staying" and being easy to wash out. Any recommendations for a replacement? I found this from a hair stylist I used to see who was always trying new stuff. My current one only recommends things she sells (surprise!)
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My stylist has used Texture Twist and Cibu's Sticky Rice on my hair interchangeably. Sticky Rice uses lanolin wax and beeswax, so it is definitely a bit stronger in hold than the Pureology, but it has staying power and I haven't noticed buildup. For what it's worth, I have very thick, somewhat course hair that is cut into a pixie with longish fringe.
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I'm unfamiliar with the Pureology brand, but Aveda's styling/texturizing pastes/cremes offer similar qualities: a bit more on the natural end, a variety of holds depending on your preferences, and all easy to wash out (I've used the strongest versions and never had an issue). Their salons/shops will have a tester pot of each type, and a knowledgeable staffer to answer any questions & make suggestions. If I understand your needs correctly, I'd suggest one of the three Light Elements products or one of their two Pure-formance potted products (not the one in the tube) - the others might be a bit too pomade-y or waxy. I don't work for Aveda, I've just been a happy customer for about 10 years.
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I find AG Stucco to be a great product for creating a messy look without any gelled finish. I like that it's matte, it creates a thickness and texture and smells really good.
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I know this isn't what you're asking, but have you tried to get hold of remaining stocks? If its only just discontinued there will still be stock floating around. Have you tried ebay for example to buy up a few to tide you over til you find a replacement? I used to work for a beauty company and they had a department called "gone but not forgotten" which customers could contact and order discontinued items, depending on availability, but it was never advertised. It might be worth contacting the company that makes it just to see if that's an option.
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I really like the Neuma range of products. Here's a clay that seems similar to the texture twist.

When I had super short hair I used Bumble & Bumble's Sumotech and quite like it.
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You may like Dirty from Lush. It's not shiny or hard-looking-- definitely more of a texturey, messy look. It stays more or less put all day (I touch it up with a comb on my lunch break) and is very versatile. It's vegan and contains no mineral oil or petroleum, and washes out just fine (I usually need soap or shampoo to totally get rid of it quickly, but you can do just water if you have five minutes more in the shower.)

The only downside is that it has a strong smell. I like the scent, but you might not. I think the scent is pretty unisex (sort of woodsy/musky), though they market it more to men. If they made an unscented version, it would be perfect. If there is a Lush store near you, they will sample you out some so you can try it.

If it makes a difference, I have very short, fine, straight hair. I suspect that it would work OK on curly hair, but cannot report that as a fact.
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I love Big Sexy Hair's Powder Play for making my very short hair messy/textured. No mineral oil, easy to wash out, and most importantly (for me), it does not smell like anything.
Applying it to damp hair and then blow drying it seems to give it greater staying power. You will need to play around to see how much you need.

If I need to spike things, I usually need a bit of hairspray, so YMMV on the spikeage front.
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