Where to make Blu-Ray DVD copies in New York City?
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I don't have a Blu-Ray DVD burner at home, but need to make 1-2 copies of a non-commercial disc. I thought a Fedex Kinko's or the like would work, but apparently Blu-Ray DVD drives are not as common as I thought they'd be.

I'm just looking to make 1-2 copies, not 500. Does anybody know where I can go for this? I'm obviously willing and able to do the job myself - just need the setup.

Union Sq/downtown area a plus.
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There's a place called CTL Electronics on Murray Street between Church and West Broadway (half a block from the A C E train) that might be able to help. They do video transfers from various old media to DVD, and I wouldn't be surprised if they can do this job for you as well. And they're pretty cheap, from what I recall. Can't hurt to give them a call:

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