Books/Movies about soulmates finding each other in each lifetime?
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Books/Movies about soulmates finding each other in each lifetime? I have some vague memories about at least one book or movie that centered around a couple, soul mates who kept having to re-find each other over and over in multiple different lifetimes. Ringing any bells? I know Cloud Atlas is a tiny bit like that, but it was much longer ago than that. Also, suggestions of books/movies along similar lines? Tried searching but maybe I searched the wrong terms. Thanks in advance!
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the time traveller's wife has no equal in this genre
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The Lake House?
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The Fountain featured two main characters, a man and a woman, who were a Queen and her Conquistador in the past, a cancer researcher and cancer-ridden wife in the present, and then something else weird to each other in the future. They never really had to find each other, but their relationship was fleshed out between the three interpretations.
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Richard Bach's One?
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Ann Brashares' My Name is Memory?
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Replay, Ken Grimwood.
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There's an X-Files episode, The Field Where I Died, which is something like this.

Also Dead Again is something like this.
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There's a movie, "Millenium Actress", which has an interesting take on this. It's not over multiple lifetimes, but over the course of the titular character's acting career.
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In Made in Heaven two souls meet in heaven, then are both reincarnated into new lives and have to find each other before a certain age. (It was in heavy rotation on cable for a while years ago, starring Timothy Hutton & Kelly McGillis, with an uncredited cameo by Debra Winger in drag as Emmet/God)
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Something similar to this happens in the film Hancock.

Also, in the film What Dreams May Come, the protagonist goes back at the end to find his wife and soulmate in a new lifetime
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Katharine Kerr's series on Deverry and the Westlands?

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Seconding the suggestion that it's Made In Heaven: I never saw it, but remember reading that it was about Timothy Hutton meeting an angel in the afterlife and they fall in love, but she's about to be assigned to a life on Earth and he asks to be reincarnated so he can be with her; the deal is that they can't be sent down "together," so he thus has to try to find her during their earthly lifetime so they can be reunited in Heaven again otherwise she'll forget about him.

But for the record, the book Years of Rice and Salt concerns a group of people who do keep all being reincarnated together across several lifetimes. (The book also is an alternate-history chronicle, with the what-if being about "what if way more Europeans died in the Black Plague and so the Muslims, Chinese, Turks, Native Americans and Africans drove civilization from that point forward".)
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I think Replay too, mentioned above.
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Not quite what you're asking, but close: French-language thriller (and, IMO, one of the better thrillers ever) "Ne le dis à personne" ("Tell No One,") may fit the bill. I think it's being remade in the US this year or soon, but, well, see the original.
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So I read your question and immediately was like, wait! I've read that book, too!

And then it turns out I was totally thinking of Deverry (thanks, Schielisque!). I loved those books.

Another book with some of these themes (though not so much the specific characters being reincarnated over the ages) is Magic Circle, by Katherine Neville. In fact, it's the book I first fixated on when I was trying to figure out what your book might have been.
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Francis Ford Coppola's version of Dracula inserts this element into the relationship between Mina and Dracula.
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The manga Please Save My Earth by Hiwatari Saki -- it's quite long, and I'm not sure if the English translation is still in print, but it's something of a darker take on the theme, with a group of seven people in modern Japan who all had past lives as alien scientists on the moon. I think it's brilliant.
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This is the backstory of two of the characters in the Mists of Avalon, but I won't spoil it for you if you've not read it.
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Along with Richard Bach's One you can The Bridge Across Forever.

Also, The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson is not about soulmates per se but has a group of people re-finding each other across an alternate history throughout the centuries.
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Overseas pretty much meets your criteria (warning: pretty cheesy).
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Jo Graham's Numinous World series features the same characters being reincarnated, though they're not soulmates per se, they're just connected. Black Ships is a retelling of the Aeneid, Stealing Fire is set in Ptolemaic Egypt shortly after Alexander the Great has died, Hand of Isis focuses on Cleopatra and her sisters, and the General's Mistress follows courtesan Ida St. Elme in Napoleonic France.

I really like Black Ships and Stealing Fire especially, I think they do a good job of evoking the ancient world. The books all stand alone, so no need to go in order or read all of them if there's one you're less interested in.
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The Fountain and Mr. Nobody are two films that work this way.
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Robert Heinlein's Job: A Comedy of Justice has an Orpheus-and-Eurydice tale at its core, if that counts. It's a very weird book, though. I also have the vague impression that "To Sail Beyond the Sunset" has Woodrow Wilson Smith trolling parallel-world timelines for his one true love (who's also his mother, don't ask).
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Thanks everybody!! I think the Richard Bach suggestions are probably what I was thinking of, as those (and Time Travellor's wife) are the only ones I'd run into before. I just ordered a bunch of them, so many interesting stories to check out.
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The Hundred Secret Senses by Amy Tan
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Nobody's mentioned Mishima's Sea of Fertility tetralogy? It's more about Japan than about love, but it really belongs here. (links: Spring Snow, Runaway Horses, The Temple of Dawn, The Decay of the Angel).
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Dead Again is only two lifetimes, but it's a great story.
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Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay is about a woman and two competing lovers who are repeatedly reincarnated so that one man can kill the other in order to be with her.
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The surreal and beautiful Griffin & Sabine trilogy is one of my's a correspondence of two artists/lovers who may or may not exist in the same lifetime. The high-school me thrilled over opening the individual letters; the grown-up me still appreciates the exquisite artwork and mysterious loveliness of the series.
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