How to Surprise Boyfriend for his Birthday Long Distance
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Distance prevents me from being with my boyfriend on his birthday. Any idea on how to make it special? He will be at work most of the day and make to his hotel later on in the evening. I've sent cupcakes, but would also like to do something else to surprise him. Thanks!!
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Many mid-range and higher hotels embrace the opportunity to go above and beyond, service-wise, by enacting special requests from distance-separated loved ones. A concierge or other staff member may even be able to give you some great ideas of things they have done in the past.
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Sexy Skype call? Sing "Happy Birthday to You"?
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Hire him a singing birthday telegram.
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Buy him a drink. "How can I do that?" you ask, "from so far away?"

First, use Google maps to find the most intriguing bar within walking distance of his hotel. Bonus points if it's a speakeasy.

Then, write a beautiful handwritten letter with a kind of scavenger-hunt like instructions from the lobby of the hotel to the bar.

Write a second, beautiful handwritten letter for him to receive from the bartender, explaining that you're so sorry you couldn't be there for his birthday but wanted to buy him a drink. Add any love note type expressions that are appropriate.

Send the two letters to the hotel and bar, sealed in a separate envelope with a handsome tip inside each. Call Hotel and Bar. Tell them your grand secret plan, offer advance payment to the bar. Send a headshot, if necessary, for the bartender to recognize your beau. Call to confirm the night of the birthday.

If you decide to go the extra mile and fly out there to blow his mind — you can end the scavenger hunt with a surprise appearance at the bar, wearing something sensational. His jaw will hit the floor. He will have a story to talk about for years to come and he will fall even more madly in love with you. Worked for me. San Franscisco's Bourbon and Branch speakeasy was incredibly helpful and loved working with me to pull the whole thing off.

My beau thought I was simply buying him a drink with the whole affair, and had no idea that I was hidden away in the back bar waiting his arrival. But even then, he would have been super impressed.

Good luck!
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Amoeba's story is dramatic, but speaking as a man, you don't need to go nowhere near as elaborate - especially, considering it's a work night.

A great dinner arranged, or a great in-room massage (or both) would make him happy, no doubt.
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