What's a good online notebook?
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I have been using the highly useful Forty Internet online Notebook for a couple years and was horrified to see a recent note upon login- the service is being discontinued. The Forty Internet people suggest Backpack, a similar service. But it requires payment for the service after like 5 posted notes, and it's annoying to navigate. So, my question is, can anyone recommend a good online note service?

I would use it a lot, I'm a big fan of jotting down ideas online, at any computer, at any time. Forty was pretty bare bones (really, just like an online textedit); I'd be willing to pay for a high-quality service.
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If you have any Web space, you could install a wiki.
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Specifically, I would recommend PeanutButterWiki.
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Why not create a webmail account for notes to yourself? And on machines you use frequently, create a bookmarklet with mailto:mentalnote@whereever.com as the address? Then you can use the webmail host's features (folders, tags, etc.) to sort and organize your notes. Might not be as slick as a dedicated service, but it's free, platform independant, and even supports cellphones and the like.
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"I would use it a lot, I'm a big fan of jotting down ideas online, at any computer, at any time."

Not to be snarky but - Normally this sort of thing is called a blog. Any reason you don't want to go that route?
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Response by poster: y6y6... yeah i was waiting for that. well, i've been using blogger and found that its just not quite as streamlined as i need. first off, from login to post, that thing is sloooow. second, i don't want anything to be public. third, blogger is built to include images and junk- all things i don't need and only act to complicate and slow stuff. really, i want to login in to a no-frills thing, have my 10-15 things right there, click on one of 'em, edit it or whatever, and move along.
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I am looking for the same thing myself. I just signed up for a beta account at writely. So far so good. Basic formatting (including shortcuts like Ctrl+B, ctrl+I, ctrl+U). I can edit the HTML directly if I want something fancier.

It's not plaintext, but it's pretty clean. If you find a plaintext service online (that lets me enter REAL TABS!!! and not convert them to spaces) let me know, would ya?

I have tried personal wikis, and I hate relearning markup syntax and having HTML stripped out etc etc.
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Despite it being an email service, gmail can be tweaked to do this.

If by some odd chance you do not have a gmail account I have plenty of invites to give away.
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Best answer: Protopage?
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Wow! I love protopage. I'm using it for all my mental notes!
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why not using tiddlywiki on USB stick. It's really easy, fast, and you can personalise the CSS. All is stored in one file (unless you link to local images). It supports tags. I use it everyday and as it's stored on a USB stick it's easy to carry and to plug it (even on a computer that does not have an internet access...).
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Not sure if this is what you're thinking of, but tadalist is cool. Another vote for tiddlywiki, too. Very snazzy.
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