Cooking With Mulberries?
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It's Berry Season! On my kitchen ledge I have a enormous punnet of fresh mulberries - more than we can possibly eat fresh. I need to use them up before they spoil, but it's not a fruit I'm very familiar with. Please share your mulberry recipes! (Ones involving baking would be favorite!)
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Muffins, clearly. I'm not going to give a recipe because it sounds like you are in UK and I don't know those measurements. Use any berry recipe and use cinnamon. Muffins freeze well.

I love mulberries; they have such a subtle flavor.
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I think I would make some jam with them.
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Pie and jam.

We had a tree. A big one!
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Or maybe some mulberry pie.
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I am in South America - I take metric, imperial and any other sort of measurement! Please send the muffin recipe!
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I have made this pie with mulberries and a few other berries, but I think you can use mulberries in place of all the berries. It's very good!
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Mulberry coffee cake! I happen to like this recipe for coffee cake, and you could easily sub mulberries for the rhubarb.
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My cousin has a big mulberry tree and I always eat them off the tree but seeing your question I thought ooooh, mulberry scones would be good. I don't have a recipe but when I googled some did come up along with a reference to dried mulberries, ooooh, dried mulberries!! So thanks for asking the question and I'll be trying dried mulberries and scones when our season rolls around here in a few months and maybe you will too. If you do come back and tell us how they came out.
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Don't know if this will work: we like to freeze bags of blueberries, then serve them, frozen, in a dessert dish. Eat with a spoon or else have blue fingers.

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This Wildberry Lavender ice cream recipe calls for wild blueberries, but I have made it with mulberries to superb affect. Obviously, it can be made with frozen mulberries. Just be prepared for the most involved ice cream preparation ever.
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I know they're used in Persian cooking.
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I once went a wee bit haywire at a mulberry stall (coming home from church in my church gear, went past a roadside stall with two little girls selling mulberries - I pulled a HIGHLY illegal u-turn and leapt out and bought four giant tubs with all the change I could find, all in my church gear) and I made mulberry ice-cream with what we couldn't eat. It was the BEST. I didn't go the whole home-made ice cream route, just a really good storebought vanilla, then a coulis with some of the mulberries stirred through with some fresh ones. It was the most amazing thing. And it LASTS.

Well, as long as you don't eat it in one sitting...
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Not a recipe, but a technique for keeping berries from getting moldy: thermotherapy. I've tried it, when I've gotten a great deal on strawberries at the farmers' market, and it really works!
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Mulberry meringue pie... the tartness of the mulberries works an absolute treat!

Also, you can always freeze mulberries for later use.
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I just wanted to say that I never knew the word "punnet" could be used to indicate those berry boxes. This will be deleted I'm sure, but thanks.
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