Summer opportunities for high school students
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Looking for a summer opportunity related to engineering.

Hi. I'm asking for my brother, who's a junior in high school and looking for some summer opportunities/jobs hopefully related to engineering, as he's planning to major in computer engineering. Preferably paid, but unpaid is fine. Mainly something that will look good on college applications.

He also enjoys math and science, so those would be great second choices.

We're in Northern California, in the South Bay, but he is willing to travel throughout the state, and possibly out of state, if it's worth it.

So far, the only thing I remember is that one of my friends did Camp Galileo, and I looked into that, but he is not exactly a social butterfly and thinks it wouldn't be the best fit for him. He's smart, but pretty quiet.

If anyone has any ideas for finding opportunities or leads, that would be really helpful.

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It may be a bit late to apply for some of them, but here is a great link to a list of STEM internships for high school students.
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Google for SURF (summer undergraduate research fellowship) or UROP (undergraduate research opportunity program) programs at your local college/university and see if any of the faculty are doing work he finds interesting. The programs themselves will most likely be undergrads only, but the faculty members who participate are usually interested in mentoring young scientists and will be more positive to emails from a possible high school intern. I went to a math & science high school that was very research focused, and this is what we all did, with a fairly good success rate.
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Check out ACE Mentor.
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MATE ROV competition? Not really a solo thing, but a friend did really well at that in high school and got all sorts of ridiculous scholarships and now works as an ROV pilot.
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The Missouri University of Science and Technology has lots of great STEM summer camps, including what I believe is the only explosives summer camp around.
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