Which toilet seat/bidet?
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I've decided to install a toilet seat/bidet. Which one?

These seem to be a nice add-on for my bathroom upgrade. I need some information that the web sites don't have (or I can't find.)

I really want a powerful spray. But I can see that others who will use this won't want to be blown off the seat. They all say they're adjustable, but how much?

Weight limits? I haven't found any data, but the customer service rep at Lotus said max 300 pounds. That's not going to work in this house, looking for more like 450.

No seat that only uses cold water please, but none that need a hot water line installed either. It takes a good 30 seconds for hot water to get from the heater to the bathroom.

Any owners that love or hate the one they got? Any features that you got that seem stupid, or ones you now wish you did get? I have seen this question, but I'm sure things have changed in four years.
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IMHO Toto Washlet is still the way to go.
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In the IBD community (we who spend the majority of our lives on the toilet... well, hopefully not) COCO bidets are considered the Rolls Royce of bidets. Haven't tried one yet, heard many good things.
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We settled on the Toto Washlet S300. The reasons:
  • Continuous instant-on heating. Requires pretty solid electrical (ie: we live in a 1947 house, I waited 'til I could run a dedicated circuit before we got it), but no reservoir that's always heated, and sometimes there's a sub-second "that's a little cold", but it's really sub-second.
  • Perceived harshness of spray. I admit we're mostly basing this off of Internet hearsay, but on some of the cheaper bidet seats we read reviews which warned about the nozzles being harsh
  • Position adjustment. Turns out this probably isn't as important as figuring out where to sit.
Don't know about weight limits, but the Toto cover is fairly flimsy (distinctly not for sitting on). The seat seems pretty sturdy, but I'm the heavier one at ~160 lbs. The adjustment goes powerful enough that <tmi>it'll blow liquid clean up inside ya</tmi>.

Installation was trivial, the only weirdness was that I went to the hardware store thinking I needed an additional part, couldn't find a fitting with that thread, until we realized that I didn't need that part, and the thread was the bottom of the float valve underneath the tank. Doh.
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If you're looking at toto, skip the blow dryer. It takes too long to finish its job.
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