Male Fertility Test
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What is the chepest way to get a male fertility test in US? Don't wanna pay for doctor too. Not cheap just tight right now. Any labs I can go directly and get these done both count and analysis? I called few and was told I need a doctor's note, sounds like a scheme for doctor to make money. Why can't I just get this done with the lab myself, it is not a surgery or procedure. This is just asses alone, not involved in any relationship. Just wanna be sure if my boys can swim and get the job done!
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They sell one at Walgreens called SpermCheck. $39.99.
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If you just need to see if you have sperm wiggling around, all you need is a decent microscope and a microscope slide.
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You can get a self-test kit, like Marie Mon Dieu advised. But realize that those tests only seem to indicate low sperm count.

Sperm count can vary due to a lot of conditions (diet, general health, etc.). So even if you use those DIY tests, you'll need to do several tests over time to be sure. But there are also other factors that determine sperm fertility, such as sperm shape and motility, which can also vary widely over time and under different conditions.

This is why the clinic advised you to see a doctor. The clinic runs the test, but a urologist needs to evaluate the results. Check out this info from WebMD that says male fertility is a complicated thing to evaluate.
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Planned Parenthood can do a seminal analysis fairly easily. My husband has done this and didn't need a doctor's note.
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Part of the reason for needing a doctor's appointment is so that someone who (theoretically) knows what they're talking about can actually explain the results to you. There's multiple components to sperm analysis and the results aren't always provided as GOOD SPERM/BAD SPERM.
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