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im looking for a free, and simple program to crop and resize photos, then optimize for the web.

im making a website for my sister in law which will require continued photo updates. Im doing this pretty much for free so Id rather be without the continued obligation of resizing/optimizing pictures years from now.

she is a n00b and really busy so it can't have a massive learning curve, or require too much time/effort.

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just found this thread recommending irfanview... which unfortunately fails the "free" rubric since this would be a commercial use.
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yep. Irfanview.
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whoops- typed too quick. Sorry.
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Mihov image resizer does what it claims to, and fairly quickly. Free.
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I tried Ifranview after the last post (that Pigpen mentioned) but found it quite clumsy and counter-intuitive.

I prefer Picasa -- very user-friendly as you'd expect from Google, and some great, simple features. (My only grumble is the slightly confusing file viewer.)
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I'm going to assume you're using a windows machine but i'll mention that Mac OS X Tiger has those capabilities built in. You'll have to make a automator workflow to customize it how you want then poop it out as an application. Then just drag and drop the images to the app and presto chango
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I'll second the Picasa recommendation. VERY easy, and has a surprisingly "I'm feeling lucky" optimisation button that does a great job most of the time.

Cropping is a doddle too...
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Ive used irfanview in the past but only for lack of something better. Now something better exists - check out picasa 2, its so clean, tidy, easy to use and its free. I can not recommend it highly enough.

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Picasa. Unlike Tiger it's not built in, but unlike Tiger it works on 99% of the computers in existence. (And you don't need to write an automator workflow and then "poop it out" to make it do things first.)

Also, does a good job of exporting modified photos without overwriting the originals. Plus, very good at finding and indexing photos without modifying the original locations - visual preview of the images is much faster than the Windows internal thumbnail view.
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picasa 2 ownzs....all the basic utlity of a image manipulation software, with a wicked cool file manager AND it lets you add captions to the JPEG headers, so they go with the files.
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