(Great) lyricists who are similar to Joni Mitchell?
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Could anyone recommend me musicians-cum- poets/songwriters who are as talented as Joni Mitchell?

Or artists who can generally be classified as wordsmiths; such as: Brandon Boyd (Incubus), Jason Mraz (though I much prefer his older stuff), Justin Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack), Kelley Jones (Stereophonics) etc. for example.

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Joanna Newsom springs immediately to mind.
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Patti Smith has published volumes of poetry in addition to her songwriting. She's a little harder edged than Joni Mitchell, but in my opinion it's for the better.
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*just realised that I missed Steely Dan out in my list of examples
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Daniel Bejar (Destroyer).
David Berman (an actual poet) fronts Silver Jews.
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Conor Oberst is my favourite working lyricist. I started with the album I'm Wide Awake It's Morning (by his band Bright Eyes) and have gone on to enjoy every one of his albums over multiple music projects, bands and solo work.
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Based on the examples you gave, I gather you are young. You need Bob Dylan in your life, specifically, "Blonde On Blonde".
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I would add Laura Nyro.
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Leonard Cohen
John Prine?
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Amelia Curran is amazing.
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Are you familiar with Rickie Lee Jones? The track Satellites from Flying Cowboys (1988 - lyrics) might be a good place to start.

Or perhaps Last Chance Texaco from her self-titled album (1978 - lyrics).

She's collaborated with (and covered) Steely Dan. She also worked with Tom Waits and if you haven't started digging into his catalog then I wholeheartedly recommend him, too.
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Laura Marling is ridiculously talented, very young, and has been compared to Mitchell. Similarly to Joni Mitchell, Marling is a great, evocative lyricist (especially for her age) and has a beautiful voice. (Linked song is the Joni-est of hers I can think of off the top of my head, but she's about to put out her fourth LP, so there's some good pickings to look through there.)
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One of the elements shared by a lot of Steely Dan and Joni Mitchell songs is lyrical density. Think of the sheer number of words in a bar of "Reeling in the Years" or "The Last Time I Saw Richard". Elvis Costello's got it. And in a completely different vein, Fiona Apple has a touch of that quality too.
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Ani DiFranco
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Leonard Cohen
Josh Ritter
Bob Dylan
Ani DiFranco
Gord Downie (Tragically Hip)
Fiona Apple
Adam Duritz (Counting Crows)
Woody Guthrie
Hawksley Workman
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Fiona Apple, I love her lyrics.
Although they are a band, I think Death Cab for Cutie (fronted by Ben Gibbard) also fit the bill.
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Yeah I've gotta agree with everyone else who said Fiona Apple. Also gotta add Fruit Bats. Totally underrated and brilliant lyrically.
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Richard Thompson
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James Taylor. His greatest hits have been so overplayed they don't stand out, but to me, he's definitely a wordsmith. Take a look at Walking Man, One Man Dog, and his first album, to start. You can get a lot of the suggestions you're getting in this post at the public library, if you want to check them out before you spend any money.
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Loudan Wainwright.
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nthing Leonard Cohen, who is among the very few who is taken seriously as a poet outside the context of songs, and who manages to deliver spoken word performances of some of his songs (A Thousand Kisses Deep on the current tour) without sounding like a douche.
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Jane Siberry. Although I'm less a fan of her recent stuff, she's gotten a bit too new-agey for me. But her albums "The Walking," "When I Was A Boy," "Bound By the Beauty" and "Maria" are all totally amazing in my opinion.
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Dar Williams.
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Mary Chapin Carpenter - try Stones in the Road (song and album) first. She made her name as a "country" artist, but she's never really been country. She's a lyrically smart singer/songwriter through and through.

And she's on tour with Shawn Colvin, who is also an answer to your question.
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Josh Ritter. Link goes to a story-song about a mummy that comes to life, only to mourn the fact that he will inevitably outlive his true love. It's only the tip of the iceberg - he has written tons of amazing lyrics.

Also, Richard Shindell. That link goes to a story of the universe manipulating traffic to safely deliver a nun to her charitable destination. Again, it's only one of many.
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Nick Cave. Here's a link to a youtube playlist of a lecture he gave called Secret Life of the Lovesong.
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Josh Ritter Josh Ritter Josh Ritter!

His lyrics are beautiful and indelible. My favorites are "The Temptation of Adam" which is one of his more narrative songs (about finding love in a nuclear warhead bunker) and "Bandits" which is mostly fun wordplay.
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I can't believe no one has mentioned John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats yet.
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I really like Vienna Teng's lyrics. Also the Weakerthans, though they're a slightly different genre.
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I would add Neko Case, Aimee Mann and Rufus Wainwright.
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Oh, and not sure how I forgot Lucinda Williams.
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Will Oldham, aka Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.
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Okkervil River

Tori Amos
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Billy Bragg.
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The Indigo Girls
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I love you all. Seriously. Never thought I'd receive that many suggestions!

I am familiar with DCFC (I liked them up till Plans), Aimee Mann (though I much prefer her groove in Till Tuesday), Counting Crows and Rickie Lee Jones.

I've heard of Tori Amos, Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright, James Taylor, Fiona Apple, Anni Di Franco, Elvis Costello, but have never given any of them serious thought, though I shall now. Thank you!

I don't so much what genre your suggestions may fall into btw, so long as it's not metal! Well I'm alright with power metal, just not any of that screamo-type stuff.
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patty griffin.
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Smog (ignore horrible fan-made video; song has nothing to do with football) (aka Bill Callahan)

And yes, the incredible Bonnie Prince Billy, mentioned above.

To my mind, these are the two best songwriters of the past quarter-century. However, I'm not a fan of anyone on your list so take it with a grain of salt.
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I'll add the wonderful Marissa Nadler and Nina Nastasia.
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A wonderful live, single take of Nina Nastasia.
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