Need a new leather armrest cover... But from where?
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My 2005 Honda CRV's front seat armrest cover in black leather is coming apart at the seam... Where can I purchase a new one?

Annoyingly, the front seat armrest cover started to burst at the seam about 3 weeks after I bought it used. It is about an inch and a half hole. I tried to repair it myself with needle and thread - the leather is brittle and it is impossible. I took it to the dealer and they said they could not help me. I took it to a vehicle upholstery specialist and they said it was irreparable. I am sure that some auto establishment would be able to get this for me but I suspect there will be a huge markup. I want to know if there is a place online I can buy the cover directly from, but googling has failed. If I must buy an entire replacement armrest I am willing to do that, but the cover does have a zipper on it. Any advice?
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Have you looked in any junk yards yet? That would be my first place to look.
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A brand new armrest will cost around $100. I'd definitely check a junk yard.
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I have never been to a junkyard to try to get something before.. what's the process I would follow?
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First, figure out how to get the armrest - or, better, just the cover (it may have a zipper) off the seat. Do this on YOUR car, so you know you have all the tools necessary. Then go to a junkyard that specializes in Hondas. Might help to just call them and ask if they have any 2005s with leather.

Some junkyards will pull the parts. Some will not. Even if the yard pulls the parts themselves, remove the part yourself so you know what to ask for, and so that if you break anything getting it off, you can get that part, too.

If it's a they-pull place, the next step is to hand them money. If it's a you-pick-it, ask where the CRVs are in the yard, go out there, and pull the part.

Wear shitty clothing. Trust me. And make sure your tools aren't in your back pocket when you sit down in the seat to pull the armrest.
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Also worth checking eBay. If you find a seller who's parting out a car like yours, message them and ask if the armrest cover is available.
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Notsnot is exactly right, definitely take yours off so you can see what you need. The clips that hold the upholstery on to the door are notorious for breaking.
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Don't goto a junkyard. Go to eBay. There are plenty of junkyards/auto wreckers on there that will find, disassemble, and ship parts to you. You may or may not find the right part for the right car in the right color at whatever junkyard happens to be nearby. You will almost certainly find it on eBay.

Tip: if you find yourself getting a lot of junk (i.e., seat covers instead of replacement seats), check the "used" box on the left to only see parts pulled from wrecked cars.

Tip 2: If you find someone has *almost* the right part that you need (i.e., the left but not right side of something), email them and ask if they have the other. Lots of times they will, but just won't have listed all the useful parts on the car on ebay. Anyone who clearly has a suitable car (because they have at least some of the parts off it) will often have other parts that aren't listed.

Ebay search results for CRV armrest.
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