Need help finding story.
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Need help tracking down a short story I read in the New Yorker a few years ago.

Sometime between 2003 - 2007 I read a short story in the New Yorker that has stuck with me ever since. The story was about a family (primarily the husband) who was having financial troubles. It centered around the husband/father who did something related to music (teach or tune pianos?). The family had spent a lot of money on getting him a very expensive instrument. The wife was trying to help things out financially through a side business that had something to do with microwaving rice for use as a hand warmer.

I'm pretty sure it was published in a magazine during the years I listed above, but I cannot be 100% sure.

I would appreciate any help in tracking it down. I have spent a long time googling and searching through the New Yorker archives with no luck.

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I don't recall the story, but maybe a look through the titles listed in the New Yorker Fiction Index will jog your memory?
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Do you remember what instrument it was?
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I'm asking because I can do a full-text search of the New Yorker's database, and the instrument name will probably be the most unique thing you can remember. Any other unique/proper name (a person, a street, a company) could work too.
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I do not remember the type of instrument. Sorry.

I remember that it was something rare and used in classical music. I believe the main character toured Europe with a group playing this instrument at some point. I thought it was similar to a piano, but I could be mistaken.

I appreciate the help.
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It might be the Eugenides piece, Early Music, referred to in this article.

New Yorker;10/10/2005, Vol. 81 Issue 31, p72
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Here's an excerpt and it appears it was a clavichord.
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That is it!!!

A million thanks!
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