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I've had the same job for the past 6 years. In that time, my job title has changed 3 times, my department has been involved in four major reorgs and been moved all over the company, my department name has changed 5 times, and I've reported to 4 different people. Throughout all that, the actual job I've been doing has remained the same. How do I indicate that on a resume for an internal position in another department?
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I would put the most recent job title/department name on the resume. The alternative is listing an old job title/department name and if that causes confusion, it might accidentally look like you've put false information on there.
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I had the same thing in my previous job (worked there two years, went through two office reorganizations/three office name changes and had four bosses). Just put the most recent name.
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Ask HR or the hiring manager directly if possible. Barring that, if you have room on the resume form, go ahead and list out every permutation as a new job. Barring that:
Current Title, Current Department -- January 2007-present
- [Duties of job]
- [Metrics of how awesome you are at job]
- Position and duties have remained the same through numerous reorganizations affecting title and department; details available upon request.
Odds are anyone reading your resume for this job will understand that your company has done a lot of reorgs; hell, odds are that the hiring manager has the same issues you do trying to make a resume.
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Nthing, current title, current department, total time at company.

Etrigan has it.
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Putting the latest title/teamname is a good idea, unless the OLD name was something everyone knew but the new one is some random beauro-speak that nobody recognizes. My team went from 10 years of Internal Communications to a few months of Internal Special Services - nobody had heard of the change and nobody knew what Services it represented or how Special they were. So I used Internal Special Services (formerly Internal Communications) on my internal resume.
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Write them all down, with dates and other relevant blurbs.

Then add a paragraph that says something like: "Throughout the changes and reformations my company has endured (or experienced), I've kept my department stable and productive."
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"Throughout the changes and reformations my company has endured (or experienced), I've kept my department stable and productive."

Only if you have plenty of evidence that this is, in fact, the case. Otherwise, Ertigan has it.
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