Who is this photographer/sociologist?!?
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About 3 years ago at the Strand bookstore, I encountered a photography book that seemed to be a retrospective of the works of one photographer whose name I wish I had written down. It was a huge hardcover book. Don't remember what the cover looked like. But I DO remember some of the photographs in it, and was hoping somebody here might be able to recognize the photographer from my descriptions.

What I remember:
- a mostly black-colored grid of different chimpanzees' faces, very close-up. I think it was intended to play up how they each start to look unique once we're forced to examine what initially appears identical close-up.
- several panoramas of people. Each panorama of people was a sampling of individuals from the same subculture, ie. plucked from the attendees of a Tom Jones (not sure?) concert, or a (name an emo music group) concert. They are random people who don't know each other, but because they belong to the same subculture, share very similar ways of dressing, styling their hair, are roughly the same age group, gender, etc., yet manifest it in their own unique way.

So it's not a lot but does anyone know who this photographer is? Thank you!
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Best answer: Is it James Mollison?
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Best answer: Gotta be James Mollison - your description of the "people of a subculture" reminded me of his Disciples project.
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Response by poster: YES!!! I asked people who worked at the Strand and they couldn't help me, and neither could Google. You guys are the best! Thanks so much!
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