ID these Rubix's cubes (and other puzzles)?
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Is there any place on the internet where I can buy Rubix's cube variants and similar, non-cube puzzles? In particular, I'm looking for the silver architectural-looking cube at bottom center, the grabby-hands cube in the top-right corner, and the flat twisty picture-puzzle (two different pictures are possible and the plastic pieces are wired together in a certain way) on the right side of this photo.
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Best answer: The silver cube at the bottom is called a mirror cube, and there's a bunch of them on Amazon -- it's just cube-shaped when it's turned correctly.
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Best answer: I think the flat twisty picture-puzzle is Rubik's Magic.
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Best answer: And I'm pretty sure the 'grabby hands" one is Meffert's gear cube.
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The 7x7 cube looks like this one: LINK
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Response by poster: Thanks for the speedy response!
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FYI, there is one that I saw the other day that is a modification to the Rubik's style.

It is a like a Rubik's cube with number dials.
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And that's a Pyraminx on the left.

FYI, Jaap's Puzzle Page has a pretty amazing database of all these puzzles which can be fun to explore.
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