Help finding a unique kind of puzzle
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Growing up my parents had a puzzle of an apartment building where every piece was basically the same shape. Four puzzle pieces made up the window to a room, in total there were probably 8 floors of 10 windows each. The challenge was putting the windows in the right order. So for example in one window someone would be throwing out a bucket of water, downstairs the person would remark that it's raining. In another a receptionist would say something like "you want #304, one floor up".

One more detail: to check your work you could flip it over and it said CONGRATULATIONS in 20 different fonts (grey text on white background) that would line up if completed corrected. The art style was your basic comic strip kind of art. It was fun because the first half was looking for the right piece to assemble the rooms, the second half was reasoning out where the pieces should go in context.

Are there other puzzles like this?
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Best answer: Talking jigsaw puzzles: Here's an office on amazon.
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Response by poster: That's it! The second part of my question: anything else like these?
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Best answer: A friend or an ex must have had this one, which is what I thought of when I read your question: 3D Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle- Hotel Whodunit.

There are a few in that 3D series that are available on amazon (through resellers, mostly). You might try searching amazon for "mystery puzzle" and see if there's anything you might be interested in?
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