I need a new podcast
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I need a new podcast. Something like Jillian Michaels or Adam Carolla would be good...

I need a new podcast. I am devoted to Jillian Michaels but she does not produce frequently enough. The boyfriend listens to Adam Carolla and I don't run and hide in a different room, but it's not my favourite. I have also liked the Quirks and Quarks science show but that was hit or miss with me---sometimes, they were super-interesting (stuff about food, health and the human body), and sometimes they were really dull (breaking news about a new discovery in the mating habits of a certain species of bird).

What I like about Jillian (and to a lesser extent, Carolla) is the mix of actual newsy information, chatty talk show vibe and that little bit of humour thrown in. I'd like more in this vein. Things which do NOT interest me:

- Overly long (I plan to use these during my commute, which is about half an hour; longer than that and I will fall behind)

- Overly short (see above. Anything called 'the daily minute' or something like that won't work for me)

- A little intellectual stimulation is fine, but nothing too hard-core as I will be walking, in traffic, on the bus etc. and may be distracted

- No sports please :) I *am* interested in health and fitness topics, not professional organized sport (unless there is some kind of non-boring 'baseball for girls who don't know about baseball but who are trying to learn about it because the man in their life is into it' podcast...)

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Dinner Party Download.
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Pop Culture Happy Hour

Extra Hot Great
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If you like tech/nerd culture stuff, you can try The Frequency and In Beta on 5by5. I also really like Dan Savage's Savage Lovecast, but it's, you know, about sex.
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I am such a fan of Answer Me This. I love it love it love it. It's 30 minutes long, comes out every Thursday, and there is a 3-year archive of free back episodes and a 2-year archive you can pay a nominal fee for (it's how they cover recording costs).

The basic format is this: Helen and Olly, the hosts, answer questions that their listeners send them. Sometimes Helen's husband Martin the Sound Man chimes in. The questions range from the personal and chatty, to requests for advice, to questions about popular culture, history, arts, current events, etc. With the exception of the chatty ones (e.g. "What's your favourite pastry to bake and eat?" "Out of all the gods/goddesses (current & retired), who’s your favourite?" "Do you want your organs to be donated when you die? Also, how do you feel about donating your body to medical science?") a lot of them are like AskMe questions.

It's funny and educational, the hosts are entertaining and have good chemistry together, and it's short enough to keep you wanting more.
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Planet Money
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This American Life
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I have been digging on WTF with Marc Maron, and not because i'm really 'into' stand-up comedy (most of his interviews are with comedians, but there are plenty of actors and musicians in the mix) but because he is an incredible interviewer. If he has a halfway decent guest on, it's fascinating. That said, I still skip about 1/3 of his shows, just because sometimes the interviewee is too much in the scene of stand-up or it just isn't vibing.
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I am in love with the Greg Proops podcast, The Smartest Man in the World.

It's sublime. I often laugh out loud. I dare you not to love it.

Try a recent episode called Peaches, or one of the special Greg Proops Film Club episodes. I like the recent episode screening of Rita Hayworth in Gilda, and if you like Woody Allen (or especially if you don't like him) try the Annie Hall episode.

(Episodes come out on Mondays or Tuesdays. I listen at the gym. I often re-listen to episodes because they are that funny/informative/touching that repeating them is encouraged!)
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I'm really enjoying Unfictional on KCRW.com.
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I really like the Stuff You Should Know podcast. There's over 500 episodes, so you can easily ignore the ones that don't interest you. They're all around 30mins long, give or take.
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Have you ever listened to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me? It's really funny. It's a combo of news and comedy with an absurd interview thrown in the middle.

Alec Baldwin does a great interview show with entertainers called Here's the Thing. He is a great interviewer, and they are well-recorded and well-edited, which is more than I can say for a lot of podcasts (Marc Maron being the first that comes to mind).
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Jeff Garlin's "By the Way" is decent. Not too regular.
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5 Decisions Away.
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The Mike O'Meara Show: "A fun mash-up of pop-culture, news of the day, dynamic audio clips, and four guys busting each other's balls."
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