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Hi, ladies! Any suggestions for finding a particular undergarment...

Hello! I'm trying to find thong underwear that provides just a bit of comfortable lower tummy control (comfortable = doesn't dig into skin, unfriendly material...). I just want to find underwear, not a full-torso type spanx thingy. It seems all I can find in stores are the low-rise style. If you have any suggestions of brands that you've tried and like, that'd be wonderful - even better if it's a brick-and-mortar store.

Thank you!
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Cosabella makes a nicer looking pair. IMO lace is more comfortable and more forgiving than the solid pairs. I'm not sure if Nordstroms has them in their stores - but Her Room certainly will.
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Maidenform makes a nice line of these. Go to an outlet to try on if you can. Check out the Flexees.
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Hanky Panky Panky has a"Retro Thong" that has good coverage in front. Its the only thong I'll wear. Of course, it's Hanky Panky, so it's lace.
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