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Here's one I've had no luck finding: A) in the movies, is there a name for those films they used to project behind actors in a movie car to make it look like they were actually on the road? You know the ones: the slightly out of focus view out the rear window. Maybe a chase scene with the bad guy car in pursuit... Or just plain ol' traffic... B) are any of these background films archived online? Tried Prelinger archives but no luck.
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Back projection.
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Rear projection! First used by Fox back in 1930. :)
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Response by poster: Yes, rear projection films. Of course. Thinking perhaps there was a catchier trade/industry name?
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Response by poster: And, I'd really love to source some actual old footage, that some kind soul has made digital, to make some groovy films! But alas, found nothing so far.
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My guess, based on doing similar things (specifically, ordering backdrops for the view "out the window" of a set on a soundstage), is that there is a vendor who owns a library of this stuff available to rent out to different projects. Possibly as part of a larger equipment package used to achieve the effect. The major studios may have their own in-house sources, as well.

I'd be curious to know if this is done any longer, or if most filmmakers have gone to some form of green-screen.

A lot of films now use real locations, too, of course. I know a team of guys who have a pursuit camera car for filming this sort of shot in real time on real city streets. Modern camera technology makes it much easier to just go out and shoot it for real.
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These can also be called process shots, and Hansard shots. Hansard Projection is a company that's been doing this since it was invented, basically.
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Best answer: Internet Archive has some of these.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! Knappster... you win the prize!

Next step... project film from my old DLP projector behind fake car with my dog driving.... hilarity ensues.
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