Who is this picture of? (Yes, I know, "Of whom is this picture...")
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A friend found this picture in the basement of his apartment building, and it's killing us to try to figure out who it is. A roomful (OK, a barful) of people were convinced that it is "someone", but we can't quite place who. If it weren't for the teeth, I'd almost say it's Andy Griffith, but, you know, perfect teeth.

It appears to be a photograph printed onto canvas. The kraft paper on the back has the name, address and old-style phone number (CA 8-1555) of a framing store in downtown Portland that no longer exists rubber-stamped onto it. The old-style phone # dates it to quite some time ago (40's? 50's? 60's?), but other than that, we are stumped. Any thoughts, Metafilter?
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I'm getting a Ricardo Montalban vibe from him.
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Ha, yeah, that came up too ("the love child of Ricardo Montalban and George Bush", specifically), but we decided it's not quite him. We don't think...
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Paul Lynde?
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Broadway musical star, Oklahoma? Show Boat? Of that ilk...
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Looks like Martin Landau.
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My initial reaction was a young Paul Lynde.
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A roomful (OK, a barful) of people were convinced that it is "someone", but we can't quite place who.

Since everyone else is just spouting the names of male celebrities who are quite obviously not the guy in your picture, I would like to be at least as helpful and say it is "nobody."

Unless someone's chiropractor is "someone."
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Paul Lynde or Andy Griffith
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To me he is a a guy who looks like Andy Griffith. I mean it definitely isn't Andy Griffith but if you told me it was his brother I'd totally buy that.
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I think I recognize him as a character actor from TV, specifically from re-runs, shows like My Three Sons, and Bewitched. Maybe Bonanza, or Beverly Hillbillies. So I guess 50's/60's?

I cannot name the actor, sorry.
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It's definitely not Paul Lynde...Wrong eye color. I did have to Google Image search that, I swear I didn't have Paul Lynde's eye color locked and loaded at the tip of my memory.

I'm getting a very "Hal Needham-directed movie" vibe from whoever it is. But really, think it's probably someone's old uncle (or someone's new uncle with a hipter's sense of kitsch). If it was a headshot from the 60s, as it kind of seems, I don't know that he'd be dressed so casually.
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I'm afraid I'm going with 'nobody famous, sorry'..... my impression is it's somebody's dad from +/- 1960.
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He looks like someone who was on the Laurence Welk shows. Maybe that's a starting point?
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[Stop with the jokes.]
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It looks like Bruce Campbell from Burn Notice, but I am sure it is not. Perhaps the resemblance is what makes you think that picture is of someone famous or notable.
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The high quality printing medium suggests a family photo; a celebrity shot would be of cheaper quality. The framing, the pose, the outfit and the place it was found all argue for a family portrait.
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Maybe a young Lorne Greene?
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What are the dimensions of this photo? Given the fact the person has their top shirt button undone, I'd say it is more likely a personal photo and not someone super famous. Perhaps sharing the name of the framer could help give a clue as to who would be utilizing that service (high end pros or standard framing service ... could make a difference).

Also the use of a named telephone prefix you've correctly dated to a 1950s - 1960s range. Fashion is too modern to be 1940s, I'd think.
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Being from the generation that might have spawned this, I'm going to agree with the "nobody" votes. I don't believe it's Andy or Paul, or Lorene Green.
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The toothy grin made me think of Jimmy Dean, but he wasn't quite old enough at the time this style of portrait was common, I don't think. Still ... some of the facial details are uncannily close (except maybe the chin shape, but that could be the angle).

I think a celebrity photograph is very plausible, or at least not implausible enough to rule out. There's a lot of cheesy celeb worship from this era, especially for musicians.
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I get an Al Lewis (Grampa Munster) vibe, but can't find an image of him as a younger man without the Grampa makeup.
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It looks like John Raitt, legit Broadway star of some repute (and father of Bonnie).
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Have you tried taking it out of the frame to see if there is anything on the back of the photo itself?

And to all the folks guessing Andy Griffith, I think you are confusing his Matlock (1986) image with his Andy Griffith Show (1960) image. If that photo was taken in the 60's, it is way too old to be Andy Griffith. BTW, 1965 seems to be about the time that letters were changed to numbers nationwide, with some places switching prior to that and some businesses still used letters in their advertising afterward.
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mdrew: "It looks like John Raitt, legit Broadway star of some repute (and father of Bonnie)."

Oooh! Here's another pic of Raitt, circa 1964 and Oklahoma!.
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Wow, that second John Raitt picture is close. Close enough, in fact, that I think my friend will just go with it whether true or not. Who's going to contradict him? Thanks Metafilter!
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