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I'm the Fun Czar for a group of software developers, some of whom are in the Atlanta, GA area. I know nothing about Atlanta or fun stuff to do there. Help! I'm especially interested in activities that will be fun and engaging for a group of approximately 20 people, mostly geeks in their 20s and 30s. I'm interested in both little things (bowling and beer?) that can be done in a couple of hours, and bigger things (sporting events? amusement parks? boat rides?) that would take a full afternoon or all day.
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We've just missed it for this year, but every year Georgia State University does a metal pour around the holidays. All the GSU sculpture students build molds throughout the year and then they all get poured at once, right before Christmas. The ones I went to were at night and very dramatic and beautiful.
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I used to be a whitewater guide on the Ocoee river. It's two hours north, but we hosted a lot of company get-togethers that involved a trip down the river and a barbecue, and a couple of outposts also had room to do a little top-rope rock climbing or other fun stuff.
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coca cola tour is awesome. i know it seems kitsch but the history stuff is totally cool/nerdy and the "all you can drink try every flavor from coke brands world wide" is completely super awesome. (spoiler- one flavor out of the 100's tastes exactly like ear wax, so ya, good luck finding it!!)

inside cnn tour is also suitably nerdy and pretty cool if anyone is into TV etc. hidden secret: longest indoor escalator (or free standing escalator or something "worlds xxx-est escalator" i cant recall)
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I've heard good things about comedy at Dad's Garage, but never experienced it myself.
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300 Bowling Alley is upscale bowling with a great bar. They can do appetizers for your group.

Ormsby's is another great place. It's in the provisioning district, so the food is much better than at 300. Lots of games, good bar, bocce! (the corn dogs are amazing!)

We have a 6-Flags out here, if that's your thing. It's a schlep and it's hot! YMMV. They do group rates, or everyone should bring the specially marked coke can for a discount.

The Clairmont Lounge was just featured on Anthony Bourdain's Layover. It's a strip bar, but....

The Vortex and Laughing Skull lounge downtown features great burgers and a comedy club.

If you're north of The Perimeter, try Honey Pig in Duluth, GA. Korean Barbeque. YUM!

While going out to Turner Field to see the Braves play is great fun, it can get spendy.

Another option would be to see the Gwinnett Braves play instead.

Even better, the Atlanta Dream. (Depending on when this all goes down)

There's the World of Coca Cola and across the plaza the Georgia Aquarium. Both are good for 1 time, but anyone who is from here will be sick to death of both.

If you're here over labor day, then there's DragonCon, and all that madness. (Better yet, don't come here over labor day.)

Atlanta Rollergirls, for Roller Derby.

Atlanta is a decently hip place, now that I think about it...
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Three of my four suggestions have already been put forward (whitewater on the Ocoee, the Vortex, and Whirlyball).

That leaves Dave and Buster's.
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Ormsby's is a better choice than Dave and Buster's for sure. I would also go to Stats and reserve an area where people can pour their own beer.

Sweetwater Brewery tours are also fun.

Cyclorama doesn't take long, but a dorky group would find it really fun. Maybe go to Oakwood Cemetary before or after to maximize your time in this area.

Aquarium is good and could work for groups.

Tour of CDC Museum- get a docent

Agree on Braves games
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Ruthless Bunny has it. Wanted to add the botanical gardens..... they are WONDERFUL this time of year. And superfille.....It's Oakland cemetery, not Oakwood. That would be a great choice, lots of history...... (I have people there and a hole waiting for me so I'm particular). :-)
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Also.....see what is playing at the Fox..... just seeing the building is an event on it's own... then, have dinner at the Varsity.....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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The Center for Puppetry Arts had some puppets from The Dark Crystal last time I visited. And it's nearish to The Varsity for lunch/dinner.
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Hi! Atlanta native here, now living in the midwest.

For some cool bits of history:

The Martin Luther King Center

Sweet Auburn Market

The Carter Center

For an awesome [food] shopping/eating experience, the Dekalb Farmer's Market (check out their cafeteria).

For fun walking/bumming around, check out Little Five Points, which is (conveniently), where the Vortex is located.

There's also the Georgia Aquarium, which is pretty cool.
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For an awesome [food] shopping/eating experience, the Dekalb Farmer's Market (check out their cafeteria).

Yeah, but I don't see a group of 20 schlepping all the way out to Decatur and braving the crowds, although it's where I do my weekly grocery shopping.

For fun walking/bumming around, check out Little Five Points, which is (conveniently), where the Vortex is located

The original Vortex is in Little Five Points, and it's great, but I'm recommending the Midtown location for the comedy club. But you really can't go wrong with either of them.
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The Microcar Museum is awesome!
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Microcar Museum just closed. The owner sold his collection.
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While they may not be able to accommodate the entire group at once, a Segway tour can cover a lot more ground than a walking tour.
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Thanks, everyone, this is all awesome and helpful!
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