Attribute trouble when instantiating a class in Python 2.7
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I'm having maddening problems creating objects in Python. Details inside

This is the beginning of a class definition I'm using:

class popObj(object):
"""standalone class mainly holding list of binary trees and generation"""
def _init_(self):
#initializes two empty lists and a generation tracker
self.generation = 0

In the main module of the program, then, I call:


I'm able to put objects into the list at population.biTrees[] with no problem. But when I try to do anything with population.selectedTrees or population.generation, I get this error:

AttributeError: 'popObj' object has no attribute 'selectedTrees'

What's going on? This is driving me nuts. I recognize that my class definition isn't very elegant, but I can figure out why some of the attributes don't exist.
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Best answer: You've misnamed "__init__", it looks like. It needs to have two underscores around it, not one. (underscore-underscore-init-underscore-underscore). So __init__ isn't running and it isn't creating those attributes. Possibly you're accidentally creating biTrees by accident somewhere else which is why that ones's working and the others aren't.
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Response by poster: Oh Jesus Christ I'm an idiot.
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