Trying to add an iCloud calendar to Google calendar
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Trying to add my spouse's iCloud info to my GCal...

I've looked into this on the web and so far have not found a definitive answer that this cannot be done, so am here asking for help:

My wife uses iCloud for her calendar and schedule. It took me years to wean her from a paper system, and for this and other reasons, iCloud was the easiest and most foolproof way to sync her phone, iPad, and desktop seamlessly so that she wouldn't chuck all of it and go back to paper.

I use Google calendar, love it, and am trying to find a way to add her iCloud info to my Gmail. It's more critical that I follow her schedule with all it's kid and school info than vice versa, since my schedule is mostly empty except for call nights.

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This doesn't entirely answer your question, but it gives you the ability to see (and edit) her iCloud calendar. Since Apple and Google have a tense relationship, it may not be possible for you to merge the two calendars. Instead, you might consider switching to iCloud.
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Response by poster: Good point. I'm frankly not sure that I see a specific advantage to Google except I enjoy how easily and quickly I can call it up at work on my computer without logging into iCloud with my Apple ID. Thanks for the tip.
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Subscribing to her iCal/cloud calendar in your google calendar is the easiest for you. Do you also need to edit her calendar?
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Step 1. Get the URL from that email.
Step 2.
There is no Step 3.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help - I just ended up subscribing to her calendar. Solves most of our issues.
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